Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Projects: Antlers and Jewelry

I'm from Central Arkansas where we call any kind of soda coke, shopping carts are buggies, pine trees and cows are aplenty, and camouflage is a wardrobe basic/neutral.  After dating my husband, who is from Northwest Arkansas, for only a few short months, I soon discovered he considered himself  a Yankee compared to us po' silly central Arkansans.

He and his family made fun of my accent for a long time, but they also introduced me to strange new things like cottage cheese, vegetables, and "grocery carts".

A few short years after being married, my husband agreed to go on a hunting trip with my dad.  Let me just lay out some of the awkwardness of that situation.... My dad bleeds hunting.  After a practice shot, Christian literally bled from shooting the gun once. It kicked back and the scope knocked him in the head.  My dad laughed.

So you can imagine my surprise when my husband killed his first deer with his first shot on his first hunting trip ever.  Apparently, my dad quietly pointed the deer out to Christian as he said the words "Hold on...." POW!  Before he could get out his sentence, my excited husband had already shot his gun.  My dad finished his sentence "I sure hope it's legal!"

Turns out the tiny nub on the left side made it barely legal.

After putting the meat in a cooler and driving home four hours from South Arkansas to NWA, we discovered Christian had left the drain plug off the cooler which allowed all of the deer blood to drain into the trunk of our Honda Accord.  Our car smelled like death that no amount of Febreeze would fix for two years.

Why do I tell you all this?  Because after cleaning out my garage the other day, I found the antlers my husband saved so proudly.  I decided I would display them now that enough time has passed that my car no longer smells like death.  Soooooo here's what I did.

Not sure why there's a hammer in this picture because I used hot glue to stick this bracket to the antlers.
Here it is hot glued on

Voila!  My new jewelry holder!

I thought my husband would think I was silly, but he actually liked it.  I think he's perty proud of dem der horns.

What do y'all think?  Maybe someone out there is inspired to give new life to some old item lying around the house.  Let me know if you do!!

<3 <3 <3

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  1. Great idea, oh can I tell you that I as I read the post I read it with an accent. It made it funner to read. I did something similar with my brothers wedding center piece. It was a little tree, I took out the flowers that were attached. Added some stain to darken it up and presto. Wish I can share the picture. I need to post it on my own blog.