Friday, June 15, 2012

{Ask the Readers} Best Defrump Tips

We are asking for your help!! The Defrump Me Gals have been asked to do a few small segments of defrumping tips at our church's ladies' retreat in July. Such an honor! We are all really looking forward to sharing the fellowship and fun and encouragement we get each year. Getting to contribute ideas and help women improve is really exciting, and we'd love to have input from our wonderful readers!

This comic really has little to do with this post (aside from possibly trusting your girlfriends for
fashion advice over your dear husband), but I do find it so funny! :-)
Drawn by my brother-in-law, Wiley of Wiley Comics

So here's what we need:

Your favorite tips for getting out of the frump-dump. It can be from any of our general categories - style, diet, home, or heart (or if there's something somehow outside those realms...). It can be tips we've given or something we haven't covered.

Also, if there's anything that you'd like our perspective on or you would like to see us cover, we want to know that, too. Or, maybe there's something you see in women (yourself or others) that you think needs to be addressed.

We've been thinking that we'd like to cover a couple of tips and ideas from each category and hopefully have some DIY activities, take-away samples, tip booklets, and other fun stuff.

For those of you who aren't attending our conference, we will be sure to update the blog with the ideas, tutorials, etc. that we cover. And if you help us out, we'll even give you credit for the idea!

If you have anything to contribute or have an idea, please leave us a comment or send us an email (there's an envelope icon at the bottom of this post)! We surely do appreciate you, and we love hearing what our readers like/love/need! :-)

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