Saturday, June 9, 2012

Birdcage Bliss!

Last week I picked up an antique birdcage at an estate sell for $3. I didn't take a true "before" picture (wish I had), but inside the cage it had a branch stuck in some foam with a fake bird perched atop it. Before I bought it I made sure the bottom opened up so I could take out the old filler and make it over into something more appealing to me.
My antique birdcage--about 18" tall

Of course my boys immediately wanted to play with the fake bird and its home! :) They are still playing with that bird days later!

My plan for the birdcage (barring some catastrophe made by little hands!) is to give it a makeover and use it as part of my living room decor. With that in mind, I've been perusing Pinterest to get some ideas and I need your help! What would you do with an empty birdcage??

Source: via Audrey on Pinterest

Fill it with flowers or greenery?

Paint it another color?

Source: via Audrey on Pinterest

Make it dainty and feminine?

Or keep it simple and rustic?

Can't wait to hear your ideas!



  1. I vote for painting it!! Love the turquoise :-) or any other bright color that would go in your living room. Maybe yellow...? Pretty! Great find.

  2. Rustic... love the natural and rough beauty in things.

  3. Paint it. Then fill it with some unique "collectable" item that doesn't necessarily belong in a bird cage. Maybe hang several small stain glass pieces, then hang the whole thing in a sunny window. But that's just me. :-)

  4. What does the space you want to put it in look like?!

  5. Good question, Mindy! :) My living room has reds and golds with different shades of brown furniture. So, I'm thinking no to the dainty and feminine option. :) I've definitely decided to give it some color, so just still working the color options out in my mind. It'll be standing on my piano against my goldish-tan wall.

    By the way, I'm loving all the suggestions! So much fun for me to read and think about!