Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Foaming Dish Soap

Today's tip is so simple, it seems almost silly. But it has made my life at the kitchen sink a LOT easier, so I figured I'd share it with you anyway. Lucky you! ;-)

You have probably seen this product in stores or advertised on TV.  It's basically the dish equivalent to the foaming hand soap dispensers, and, like many of those, it also costs more than I want to spend.

Since I've been refilling my foaming hand soap dispensers with regular liquid hand soap and water (1:3 ratio) for a few years and saving lots of money in the process, I decided I'd give it a shot with dish soap and see if I could save a bit of time and soap.

Previously, if I needed to wash a dish or two I had the choice to fill up the sink with hot soapy water using about 1-2 teaspoons of soap, or squirt a dollop of soap in the water-filled container to be washed. What I wanted was to skip the adding-soap-to-water step and just squirt, scrub, and rinse.

And it works!!! So, here I am to show you how to do it.

What you need:
Empty foaming hand soap dispenser (or if you happen to have one of those Dawn Direct Foam containers, that works too.)
Liquid dish soap
Essential oil (optional)

Step 1: Squirt dish soap into container - about 1/4-1/3 full - see my finger pointing how full.

Step 2: Fill 2/3-3/4 full with warm water - careful to add as a small stream so that the soap doesn't suds up too much. 

Step 3: If you are using an unscented or lightly scented dish soap, you may way want to add your favorite scent. Ivory soap, while effective at cleaning my dishes, does not have my favorite scent. So, I added Lemon essential oil. 10-20 drops should do the trick.

Step 4: Shake and label (after you screw the top back on). Maybe some day I'll get around to making a slightly nicer label for my dispenser. 

Add 1-3 squirts to your dirty dish and wash with a wet dish cloth.

TADA!! Easy peasy! Each refill lasts me several weeks. I use it between sinkfulls of dishes, and I imagine I'm saving quite a bit of water and soap with this technique, not to mention money!


  1. I've been doing this for years. Give this dispenser a try.

  2. Melissa, how did you make that dispenser?