Friday, July 13, 2012

Dinosaurs & Dump Trucks

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If you had told me five years ago that my knowledge of dinosaurs would extend past The Flintstones or The Land Before Time (both of which are cartoons I watched back in the 80's), I would not have believed you. If you had suggested that I might also become an expert in all types of construction machinery, I think I would've laughed in your face.

Ha. Okay, no laughing for me. 

Did you know that the Brachiosaurus is only one of many type of sauropods (you know, those HUGE dinosaurs with the really long necks)? And their brain was like pea-sized compared to the rest of their body. They weren't very smart. Also, they tended to leave their babies to fend for themselves. However, did you know that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was probably the smartest dinosaur during the Jurassic Period? And these tyrants were fierce parents who stayed and protected their young. Yep. I bet you didn't know that. I bet words like Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Velociraptor don't commonly enter your vocabulary...unless you are a guy (not likely or you wouldn't be reading this...unless, of course, you got pulled in by the title of this post...very possible) or you are a momma to little guys. Or maybe you teach little boys. Or you're a get the picture.

I am such a momma. I have two little boys, ages 5 and 2 1/2. And I'm pregnant........with another little boy. Three boys ages five and under?? This momma has been in sheer panic mode! Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my boys. And I find that I'm actually very interested in dinosaurs and dump trucks. :-)

Did you know that there is such a thing as a giant excavator? And that there are dump trucks so huge that the driver has to climb a ladder to get in and drive the thing? I didn't, until I had little boys.

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I mean I truly get excited when I see all the road construction now. I don't even mind having to stop and wait for it. It's another chance for my boys in the back to get to watch the things they love in action. And it really is interesting...

So, yes, I love all three of my boys. So why the sheer panic? Weeelllll, if you have ever been around little boys, you will know that they are very similar to tasmanian devils. Basically, they are like little tornados that follow you around everywhere and wreak havoc on everything in their path. It's amazing the amount of boundless energy they have! Oh, and they're loud. REALLY loud. Like monster truck loud (you will also know what a monster truck is if you have boys). 

But I love them. 

Okay. So, now you know why I have been having doubts as to my abilities to mother three little boys. I am not a high-energy person. I don't love getting dirty and messy. :-) I actually like pretty things and tea parties and dolls...If I'm honest I was really hoping for a girl this time. But the Lord has chosen to give me another precious boy, and I want to throw myself into being the kind of mother all of my boys need. 

Many times I'm so clueless. My husband helps so much, but I'm the one they're with most of the day. How do I train these little guys? How do I give them the tools they need to grow into the kind of men God would like them to be? Most days it's a battle. By the time the day is over I am so physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted! It's like running a marathon, except running it every single day. I realize that I need and have God's grace at all hours of the day to help me and that He will give me wisdom, patience, and energy. I need to focus on that more. I need to pray for my boys more. I do pray for them, but I need to do it more. I need to pray for myself more!

But getting some practical advice is helpful too. Has anyone read Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson? I started it a couple years ago, but never finished it. I want to finish it. Are there any other books or even blogs that would help me?

What things do you do to help get your boy/s' boundless energy out? Today, I had my 5-year old doing push-ups and jumping jacks. He was restless I guess and was annoying his brother, so I had him get some energy out that way. What other ideas could I use? The park is always a good idea, but this heat is unbearable! We've been doing lots of swimming in a little pool at grandma's house. But when we are home, it seems like they just get bored so easily. I wish we lived on a farm and they could just go outside all day, but we live in a subdivision and sending your kids out to play is not really safe like it used to be.

Anyway, I'm needing some fresh ideas here. Any ideas you might have on motivating (like with chores or good behavior), getting energy out, activities for home, etc., PLEASE share!

Dinosaurs and dump trucks....what a BIG blessing!! :-D

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  1. get a trampoline!! :-) my boys go out on it every day. also read the MOB Society blog. Mob meaning Mothers of Boys. It is very encouraging. We also like to go to Gymnastic Joe's at the mall. They have free play for 1 hour. It cost $5 for 3 kids. My boys love it. There are alot of things for them to bounce on and they dont have to worry about breaking anything. :-)

  2. Have you ever read the blog "I am Momma Hear Me Roar?" She has two boys and has lots of fun boy posts. I have a girl, but it is still enjoyable to see all of the fun boy-themed things she comes up with... I mean, I do have a nephew. ;)