Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DIY Projector

I must admit to you all I have not been feeling very fashionable lately.  A good day  is when I'm wearing anything but yoga pants, and I put concealer on the dark wrinkly bags under my eyes.  I'm in a funk, and I promise I'll get re-inspired and try to pull myself out of it soon.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share this great idea my best friend from high school showed me this past weekend.  Her little girl just turned four, and she told her mom she wanted a "rainbows and ponies" birthday party.....typical girl right?

Her mom decided to make a poster-sized picture of a pony for "pin the tail on the pony".  Here's how she did it:

First she printed off a picture of a cute pony from the internet.  She laid saran wrap on top of the picture and traced it with a permanent marker onto the saran wrap.

Next, she cut a square out of cardboard.  She then cut a square out of that square (see picture below) and taped the saran wrap to it.

Next, she cut a square out of a large box then taped her saran wrap picture to the box over the square hole.

Last, she put a lamp inside the box to create a projector. When it was dark outside, she turned the bedroom lights out and projected the image onto the poster board, and she traced it.  (Sorry I don't have a picture of that step.  I saw her great idea after the party.)  You can move the box and lamp forward or backwards to make the image larger or smaller.  

Here's the final poster (post-party so it's a bit colored on).

And guess what?  The box became the perfect hiding place for a four year old little girl!

I'm sure some of you have seen or done something similar to this before, but if not, maybe this will inspire you to create your own posters or even murals on a bedroom wall.  


  1. Just saw this. Pretty cool tip, Amber! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great idea! I've seen other ways to do this but this is by far the easiest!