Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let the games begin! {Olympics 2012}

A very tired mama, and a 12-hour-old baby Tucker!
I spent lots of time on this couch those first couple weeks :-)
(What? That line isn't from the Olympics?)

I loooooooooove the Olympics!!! I used to hate that they only happen every 2/4 years, but now I realize that's part of why I love them. Kind of like Christmas I guess?? Last time the summer Olympics were held, Tucker was just a few days old. This worked out nicely, because then I had no guilt about sitting on the couch all day watching the Olympics! I mean, you just sit around feeding a newborn all day anyway, right??

It's actually working out that way for me again! In all likelihood, Hudson will be born during the Olympics this year, and I will again have an excuse to watch them all I want. :-)

This time, though, we don't have cable, so I've done a little research on how to access it. I thought I'd share what I've found.

1. Over-the-air (antenna)

If you have a TV at all, most areas of the country get NBC in HD broadcasted locally. You'll need a digital antenna, and you'll want to make sure it picks up both VHF and UHF signals. Here's one I found on Amazon that seems good for the price. Add in a new book or something (or not, if you're a Prime member), and you can get it delivered free! 
SuperSonic Flat Digital Antenna VHF/UHF

2. Keep up with TV schedule, highlights, and videos from NBC

NBC is always the official broadcaster for the Olympics (I mean, what would the Olympics be without Bob Costas?!). On their official Olympics website, you can access detailed TV schedules, watch highlights and athlete profiles, and lots more. 

But if you are a cable subscriber (or are really good friends with someone who will let you use their login!), you can take it a step further...

3. Watch EVERY SINGLE EVENT live online through NBC Live Extra

You will have to be subscriber to a provider like Dish, DirecTV, Cox, etc. to access this, but for the first time, NBC is streaming everything happening at the Olympics LIVE through their Live Extra website. Seems pretty neat! I have watched a few streaming things and you miss some of the feeling that you get from watching the prime-time coverage at night (they usually don't have announcers, and it's not edited nicely). But that's still pretty neat, especially if you are interested in a sport that doesn't get covered usually. They are doing some simulcasting of their TV programs, but I don't know yet if that will include prime-time coverage.

4. Go mobile

There are also a lot of apps and mobile options this year. NBC has several apps -- one that has their regular content, plus one for Live Extra that also lets you get all the online content! The official Team USA website has a few apps as well. And here are a couple more from the London 2012 site (official Olympics site from the International Olympic Committee).

I'm sure there are other options available too, but this is what I've found that is going to work for me! If you have an Apple TV or Roku box, there may be ways to get the streaming content to your TV as well. Let us know in the comments how you plan to enjoy the Olympics!

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