Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympics Family Fun

Like Lauren, I LOVE the Olympics!! I'm a huge sucker for "the spirit of the game" and "that defining moment that makes a champion" and all of those cliches that bring tears to hormonal women.

I see all those dedicated parents at the finish lines or in the crowds and I think, "Wow! They've given so much! They must be so proud!" *tear*

I hear the cowbells and the whistles, and I am amazed at people's need to come together as one to support and rally around a small group of individuals representing their country. Patriotism gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I cry pretty much every time an anthem plays. Bonus points if the Olympians on the podium are crying and/or injured. (Kerri Strug's vault victory from 1996 Atlanta games, anyone?)

Anyway, it's a special time for me, and I most definitely intend to pass this love and joy down to my children.

So tomorrow night, in celebration of the Opening Ceremonies, we'll have a whole host of things to eat and do to make it super special for everyone. We are having Hubster's two little sisters (they are about 10 years old) spend the night to share in the fun. Here's what we've got planned:

Olympic Rings Pizza Recipe

First up, Olympic rings pizza! But, since I have YET to successfully make homemade pizza crust my family will eat, we will either use rolled-out crescent rolls in a jelly-roll pan or do individual flour tortilla pizzas.

olympic party snacks

To snack on during the games, we'll make some popcorn and serve it up in ice cream cones to make these super-cute torches! (Follow that link - so many ideas!)

Oh, and probably some of these Olympic ring and medal sugar cookies.

For breakfast Saturday morning, I'm thinking maybe these fruit bagel rings, or maybe some scones to represent the Olympics British hosts.

And now that we've tackled the food, how about some fun activities?

paper plate olympic rings

We painted our paper plate Olympic rings the other day, and it was such a fun and easy project.

And I saved our empty toilet paper rolls and left-over paint to do this ring stamping project today. On a poster board banner with the words "Go for the Gold", this would make a fun sign above your Medal Tally like the one further down this post.

Oh. My. Goodness!! I can hardly stand the cuteness of this FREE printable from Tinyme! Opening Ceremony Bingo! You get to look for all kinds of countries, celebrities, and landmarks — talk about a learning opportunity! I've already got them printed and the laminator warming up to make them sturdier for my family. We are definitely doing this!!

How about this flag activity also from Tinyme?! I also got some Flags of the World flashcards from the dollar bins at Target, and we are putting those to lots of fun uses as well. What a great chance to do all kinds of geography, social studies, math, matching, and history lessons! 

olympics teachable moments

Here are some great ideas for doing just that.

Olympic medal chart

Here's something you can set up to keep track of the medal count of all your favorite countries. I showed my daughter all the flags of the world from those flashcards I got, and she picked her favorite countries (outside of the predictable USA, Canada, UK, and Australia). So, because they have neat looking flags, here are the extra countries we'll be keeping our eyes on this Olympic games (none of which are expected to pick up any medals): Ecuador (because of the missionary movie she saw at church last night), Grenada, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Swaziland, Djibouti (yeah, lots of giggles when I introduced that one), and Sri Lanka. She even drew the flags herself by copying off the cards.

If you want some more facts about London as the host city or statistics about the Olympics, check out the great info-graphics here and here.

For more ideas for fun and educational Olympic-themed activities, see this great link-up and this terrific roundup of crafts!

I can just about guarantee that this won't be our last post about the Olympics, so I sure hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


  1. This was an amazing post! I have already bookmarked it and over the weekend, we are going to work on the activities/recipes you listed. :D

    The Games are a big deal here too. We always watch and I *always* cry, lol.

    We are going to a friend's house this evening, along with a few other families, to watch the ceremonies together. I was hoping to find something snacky that we can take...something Olympics related, but my time had run out and I was just going to grab some chips and fruit on our way over. BUT, I am going to grab some popcorn and ice cream cones and do the torches instead! I am so excited about such a simple idea, lol!

    Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope you and your family enjoy the games this year!

    A firm believer that almost any homeschool subject can be made more interesting with a wall map and a good crossword puzzle. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Katie! My kids are counting the hours until we can get our party started! Something else I thought of this morning is pancake rings for breakfast - I figure If I can do hearts and Mickey Mouse, I can do rings, right? ;-)
    Enjoy the games and your get together!!