Thursday, August 9, 2012

Golden Highlights (my favorite Olympic moments so far)

Let me tell you, I have really been enjoying the Olympics so far!! With less than a week left (boohoo!!!), some of my favorite events are wrapping up, so I thought I'd share what I think some of the best moments have been so far.

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Let's start with the host country. Great Britain's celebration swim after their Gold and Silver wins in the Men's C-2 (2 man canoe) whitewater final. I saw this when it aired, and it brought me to tears. They are sooo incredibly happy!! What a thrill! And the crowd is amazing, too! Watch this 2 minute video - really.

For more GB pride, Andy Murray (love his accent) beat Roger Federer for the Men's Tennis gold medal. His reaction starts at :52 in this video.

Did you catch the Opening Ceremonies? Well, even if you did, you just can't see the Queen of England jumping out of an airplane too many times.

We at DefrumpMe can't get enough of Princess Kate! I just love all her looks, and how clearly supportive she and Prince William are of their athletes! I imagine I'd be supremely motivated if I knew William and Kate were in the stands. :-) And when Kate is sitting right next to you in the stands, or watching like a nervous mom... Wow!

Oh, all the nervous moms... Michael Phelps' mom had enough races to be nervous about! (You can start this one at 2:40 to see her reaction to her son's last individual race.) You may have seen the viral video of Ally Raisman's parents watching her gymnastics. Oh. My. Goodness! HAHAHA!! That would be me, 100%!!! Start this video around 1:58. Also, continue watching for the moment between Ally and her coach after the team gold.

And speaking of Ally and her coach, I loved when she finished her floor routine in the event finals. Her coach just showered her with love and praise. So special! They knew she had done an amazing job. For another amazing performance, check out Mykayla Maroney's near-perfect vault. The announcers, coaches, and Mykayla are all practically giddy with excitement over how excellent it was. 

While we are on gymnastics, one of the male gymnasts caught my attention as having one of the best attitudes and outlooks - Sam Mikulak (this video is of his vault event final). Looks like a really fun guy! And that second vault was SO amazing! He didn't medal, but check his reaction at 3:45 and his love for the guy who got gold, but feel free to watch the 3 amazing vaults in the video. :-)

To get a feel for how much fun the American athletes can have, check out Dawn Harper and Kelly Wells after they won silver and bronze in 100m hurdles. Such a fun post-race interview!! Love it!!

Best interview of the games so far goes to Missy Franklin with Bob Costas. She's so amazingly put together for a 17-year-old, but she hit this interview out of the park!! Better than athletes 10 years her senior. And they caught her reuniting with her parents after her first gold medal win. (Skip to about 1:40 to see that and get chills.)

And, this video highlight round-up wouldn't be complete without a reference to another viral video  - the USA Swimming Team does "Call Me Maybe". What I love about this is that we typically see the swimmers in or by the pool doing their thing in their tighter-than-skin suits, caps and goggles - definitely not looking their best. I love how the video shows them looking good and having fun. :-)

One more thing to consider as we wind down these summer months... Did you know that gold medal swimmers pee in the pool? Bet you'll reconsider next time you are thinking of dragging your kid out of the local pool for a trip to go number 1, eh?

Enjoy the final days of the 2012 Olympic Games! I know we will!!

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  1. Thanks so much for the highlights. We've been slacking when it comes to watching, so this was great