Friday, August 3, 2012

More Mod Podge!

A couple weekends ago, the DefrumpMe gals were able to share a few things at our church's annual women's conference. We had so much fun coming up with ideas for the conference....

  • Amber (our main blogger for the STYLE section of DefrumpMe) created a handout with tons of great information on the four main body shapes and how to figure out which body shape you have. She gave the ladies helpful advice on what to wear and what not to wear for each different body shape, and gave us tips on current style trends. 

  • Lauren (our main blogger for the DIET section) made up a really cute fill-in-the-blank, 5-week menu handout, which I'm hoping she'll make available to you all as a free printable soon! Several ladies spent their afternoon free time at the conference comparing favorite recipes and coming up with yummy meals to fill up their 5-week menu.

  • Susan (our main blogger for the HEART section) made up some wonderful samples of homemade sugar scrubs (WOW!), because she wanted our ladies to get a bit of pampering in! :-) We can always use that! She also shared about the benefits of drinking water and even provided "Spa Water" (fruit flavored water)! She had four or five different pitchers of water with different combinations of fresh fruit, and they were amazing! And beautiful! I'm hoping she'll share more of this on the blog very soon (hint, hint). :-)

  • Finally, I (being the main blogger for DefrumpMe's HOME section) shared a mod podge craft with the ladies, which just happened to be a huge hit! I think a lot of women still don't know about mod podge or are scared to try it, so I really wanted to introduce it and show everyone how easy it is to use. The conference coordinator was able to get 100 free 4x4 tiles for the project, and I think about 90 of the tiles got used! We also had lots of scrapbook paper, ribbon, decorative edged scissors, cute paper punches, and of course mod podge. 

I'm telling you, the women had a blast designing and making these tiles to take home! In fact, we ended up leaving all the supplies out for the entire rest of the day because the designated 2-hour time period was just not enough! I was so impressed with the different designs the women came up with, and I just HAD to show y'all some of them. 

 Gorgeous, aren't they?

There are several different elements to these adorable, mod podge tiles that I want to share with you over the next week, so stay tuned for upcoming posts!  

See how to make a Scalloped Paper Flower here!
See how to mod podge scrapbook paper onto a tile here!

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  1. I'm so sad I didn't get to do one of these! They turned out so cute! And I heard that some ladies were up Mod Podging until after midnight! I think you've created some addicts! :-) Such a fun project!

  2. where are your directions on how to do the mod podge tiles?

  3. Emily, here's an older post where I explain how to mod podge scrapbook paper and a photo onto tiles: