Friday, September 14, 2012

Crock Pot Freezer Party!

Monday night we girls got together a did a crock pot freezer swap party! We wanted to try doing some freezer meals but were intimidated to try it on our own. We chose crock pot meals because the prep is easier for those -- no cooking involved. So we all brought our ingredients and our own prep materials and got to work!

We each made enough meals to share with each other and keep one for ourselves. Here's what we made:

Audrey -- Beef Stew
Amber -- Taco Soup
Susan -- Honey Rosemary Chicken
Lauren -- Chicken & Rice with Broccoli

We had a lot of fun! I would definitely do it again. We all left with four full meals for our freezers. I made the beef stew yesterday and it was delicious!!

Have you ever made crick pot freezer meals? What are your favorite recipes?



  1. If you guys try it again, get the book "Fix, Freeze, Feast". It's very similar to what you guys did. Minimal cooking, if any, involved. Some are crockpot, some are stovetop/oven. Super yummy and since they aren't pre-cooked, they still taste fresh. We made things like philly cheesesteak sandwiches, balsamic porkchops, margarita porkchops, chicken cordon bleu, etc. I did them with my mom for after-baby meals.
    Just a thought if you guys want to expand later. :)
    Looks fun though. I'll have to see if anyone in my church would be interested.

    1. Thanks, Mary! That's a great recommendation. I might even have that book somewhere on my shelf.....hahaha :-)

  2. This sounds like a great idea and fun Girls Night Out!