Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY Razorback Decor {Tutorials for 2 Projects}

Football season has begun!! Here in Razorback country, we are "Hog Wild" about anything related to Arkansas football. In the SEC, fans have literally been counting down the days waiting for it to start. 

Unfortunately for my family and our budget, the first Razorback football game was only broadcast on Pay Per View, and well, we are cheap so we didn't buy it (this time). My husband got a ticket to go to the home game at the last minute, so that means I got to stay home with the kids and watch other SEC games while I listened to our highly talented radio announcers describe just how the Hogs beat that other team... :-) 

Anyway, to occupy my hands and eyes, and as a direct result of Audrey's post last Friday, I decided I wanted to do a little Razorback-themed crafting. I came up with a wreath and a framed button art piece...thing. ;-)

Here's what I started with:

I'll be honest and say that I didn't really have a grand plan starting out. I just knew I wanted to be creative. And I also knew it had to be quick since I was at home alone with 3 kiddos. So I found a place to hide (*ahem*) work, and put these things into action:

For the Wreath:

$1 wreath from the Dollar Tree
a jar of buttons from the kids' school and craft supplies (see the next project)
some red ribbon (which I didn't actually use)
some 4 inch black and themed cotton fabric squares that I cut 5 years ago for a blanket for my daughter... Hmmm.... 

So anyway, pretty much a free project! (I used that wreath for a fall theme and a winter theme already.)

I took one of each kind of square and stacked them together at a 90 degree angle. I alternated whether the red was on the top or on the bottom facing down.

Next, I pinched each square in the center and just gathered it together in a point.

Then, because I'm afraid of commitment and wary of glue, I just threaded the points through the woven pieces of the wreath, alternating the red on the outside or the black on the outside. I'm going to see if the is a truly finished project before I pull out the glue and make in permanent. ;-)

I tried not stacking the squares and simply threading them through individually - see at the bottom? But Audrey said she liked the top better, and I tend to agree, so that's what I'm showing you. 

And here's the finished product! I used 18 squares of each red and black. After I got them all threaded in, I just fluffed up the corners. I probably could have used another 6 squares of each to get all the way around the 12 inch wreath, but I ran out. So to hide the blank area at the bottom, I hung one of last year's projects inspired by this pin.

Framed Button Art:

This next project was perhaps even more fun than the first!

I used the jar of buttons, a 13" x 15" scrap of white muslin (I used muslin because I wanted to be able to see through it) and a hot glue gun. The frame is a cheap document frame whose glass recently got broken out. 

Step one: Print off an image of whatever it is you want to make out of buttons. I just printed on paper since I planned to use the muslin. But I imagine you could print right onto the fabric using one of the many pinterest tutorials out there.

Step two: Place your thin muslin over it so that you can see the printed picture through the fabric. I went ahead and pulled out all the buttons I thought I'd need before I actually started gluing them down. 

Step three: Okay, better lighting in my new hiding place workstation, you can see how the Razorback is visible through the now-ironed muslin. I used the heavy button jar to keep the paper and fabric from sliding, and I started the gluing process.

Finishing touches: This was an early design that I liked, but then I put it in the frame as you can see below (yes, very permanent...)

...and there just wasn't enough room for the two "Go"s.

But there was plenty of space at the bottom, so I tried some other designs.

Audrey chimed in again to help me decide which button to use for the "O".

Final Product!!

Hubster was pretty impressed that I could finish two projects while he was gone, and he loved them both! He keeps walking past the button art on the mantle and saying how cool it looks up there. :-)

I'm so glad I followed Audrey's advice and let myself be crafty and creative without guilt. I had a wonderful time and it blessed my home and my family. Not to mention I got two really cool and really cheap (free to me) Razorback decorations!

Now, I can't really imagine any other team mascot or colors looking quite as good for these projects.... I mean, it's not like I can advocate say, a yellow and purple wreath, or orange longhorn button art, but I guess you could try..... ;-)

And what else can I say, but get crafty and GO HOGS!!!

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  1. I love your wreath and what you did with the buttons!! So cool. Your newest follower from Fridays Unfolded.

    1. Thanks, Kathy! We stopped by and followed you too. Love your blog! :)

  2. How cute is that! I root for Arkansas when they're not playing Bama. Absolutely love the button art!

    1. Aaaahhh!! You're not our friend next weekend then! :-) Otherwise you can be. haha! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh man. I love the button art!

  4. Down with LSU and Texas!!! But they can still make a wreath if they want to. :D LOVE IT!

  5. Very cute! I love the button art. I'm working on a mantel today for our two teams.

  6. My husband was born and reared in Arkansas, so I know several people who would really like these projects! :)

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