Friday, September 7, 2012

Quick Tip for Preparing a Freezer Meal

Prep-ahead freezer meals seem to be all the rage with moms these days! And for good reason -- by lumping your prep time for several meals together, you save a lot of time and money, and your freezer is as easy as take-out!

I wanted to share a few ideas to make this process even simpler. In this example, I'm using a crock pot meal. These are so great, because the prep is much simpler (no pre-cooking to do), and the cooking process couldn't be easier!

I LOVE these crock pot liners. These are cheaper than their Reynold's counterpart, but those work great too. One thing I like about these is they work in the oven too!! So this trick would work for non-crock pot meals also.

Instead of putting our ingredients straight in the freezer bag, we are going to put them in the liner first! I like to put mine in a bowl to avoid spilling.

Start with your liquid ingredients and spices so you can be sure to get those well mixed.

Add your solid ingredients. Which brings me to a question – what kind of experience do y'all have freezing potatoes? This worked great for me, but I wondered if it might be because it was in a sauce. Susan says she has done it before and they turned black. Not good!

Seal your liner bag. These have fabulous bright green zip ties, which worked great!

Now put the whole thing in a freezer bag. Add the date and contents, and be sure to put any cooking instructions on the bag.

I personally like to put mine in my freezer in such a way that it will be sure to fit straight in my crock pot later.

Here is my meal, totally frozen. I turned it on high for the first hour, then down to low, but I'm not sure that was even necessary. Do pass by after an hour or so and help break up the big chunk.

Have you jumped on the freezer meal bandwagon?? What tips do you have?

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