Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Fashion: Ankle Boots

I think one of my favorite fashion trends this fall is ankle boots.  There definitely is a right way and wrong way to wear them though.

Right Way:

Wear with skinny jeans slightly rolled.

Wear with skinny jeans tucked in.

Wrong Way:

Don't wear with longer skirts.  

Last year, I purchased these boots from Wet Seal for about $7 during a big clearance sale.  I really have only worn them maybe twice since I haven't quite figured out how to wear them...  I pulled this outfit together in about two minutes just to snap a picture.  I definitely would only wear these with a cropped/tailored jacket like the one I am wearing in this picture or a shorter shirt.  I would look too stumpy with these in an over-sized sweater/cardigan.

Check out that growing baby!

You can't get this kind of picture quality just anywhere...

A poor quality close-up of the boots.  Sorry y'all, it's late.
I might possibly wear this or a similar outfit if I were going out with friends or with my hubby, but never if I had the kiddos.  I'd feel the need to tuck my jeans all the time from the constant shifting and moving from chasing children.

And actually, I think these boots would look best if I were wearing black tights and a tunic.  The black on black would give more of a streamlined look to my poor little stubby legs.

I'll leave y'all with a few more pics of outfits with ankle boots and a link to a blog with some tips on how to wear ankle boots.

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