Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Trend: Printed and Colored Skinnies.... and How I Really Feel

On our Facebook page yesterday, I confessed that I'm not a huge fan of colored jeans.  In my mind, they are the equivalent of the stretchy gaucho pants trend from about seven years ago.  But after getting a few comments from people saying they love them, I had to re-think if I actually hated the way they look, or just the way they look on me...

As a pear-shaped 30 year old woman, I have learned to draw the eye to the upper part of my body, and try to balance everything out with my clothes.  Unfortunately, colored skinny jeans do neither of these things.  And similar to the gaucho pants, the colored skin-tight jeans only accentuate Thunder Thigh Thelma that I can otherwise hide with not so tight/flashy pants.

Confession:  I actually purchased a pair of salmon colored jeans and put them on for my husband.  He laughed really hard, and it made me realize I looked like a fat version of Stephanie Tanner from Full House.

However, I have decided that in the right color and on the right body shape, colored jeans are actually cute.  They seem to look best on athletic/rectangle bodies and hour glass bodies.

Wow! I feel as if I've given in now!  Maybe a professional stylist will dress me some day and find THE perfect colored skinnies for me, but I'm not holding my breath.

So now that I've FINALLY given in to this trend, I am trying to decided what I think of printed jeans, which are going to be everywhere this fall.

Sure they look cute on all of these girls, but what wouldn't look great on them?  My body, as well as most people's bodies, are very different than what's in these pictures.  I guess I'll know how I feel about them more this fall after doing a little people watching at the mall.  ;)

So what do y'all think?  Do you love either of these trends?  Hate them?  Or could you care less?


  1. I like skinny jeans. I even like the colored ones. have yet to purchase any, because i'm just too scared that i wont be able to wear them with "anything, and everything" like the plain denim colored ones. And that's exactly why i wont be buying any printed ones. Wheather i have the figure or not:)

  2. oh, aaaand....i did thrift a blazer the other day. Thanks:)

  3. I LOVE colored skinny jeans! I am pear-shaped as well, you definitely have to find the right cut/color/material (darker colors and thicker denim, not that stuff jeggings are made of!). Target has some great colored skinnies that fit nicely (I think it's their #4 cut). I have 2 pairs, one in dark turquoise, another in plum and I wear them with everything! I haven't worn regular jeans since I bought them...

  4. I bought a pair of red skinnies, and I kind of love them. I keep seeing mint and coral skinnies everywhere, and I'm trying to decide if they should be part of my wardrobe. But print???? I'm so sorry, but for most of us, they just don't jive with our lifestyles. Just my thinking (and I love clothes!!!! They just have to make sense in my lifestyle!). Found you on Menu Plan Monday. I'd love for you to check out my blog if you get a chance. I'm your newest follower. :)