Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekend Reading

I really love the blogging world. There are so many smart, funny, helpful, organized women out there who provide such great tips for those of us who are totally organizationally-handicapped! I get easily overwhelmed and freeze like a deer in headlights. I love having a clean, organized space around me, but I go up and down in my ability to create that for my family. So I really appreciate learning from people who know what they're doing! I also love getting challenged and encouraged in my relationships to my husband, my children, and God. There's so much good stuff out there!

I have read some really good articles lately, and I wanted to share some of them with y'all.

  1. Gospel Homemaking is doing a whole series on making routines. This is SO important to a peaceful life, and I think it even impacts how secure and well-behaved kids will be. I'm struggling to get a grip back on my routines after Hudson's birth, so this has been really helpful for me.
  2. Another 31-day process: iDreamofClean is doing 31 days to a clean & organized kitchen. I will admit I've just been watching this one. :D Check it out if you need to be inspired to get your kitchen into shape!
  3. I have been using my freezer a lot more lately to make cooking easier. For now, I just do simple things like: make double of a recipe and freeze half, freeze lunch-sized portions of leftovers, freeze crockpot kits that are ready to cook, chop a bunch of ingredients at once and freeze recipe-sized portions (like dicing a bunch of onions at once). This post from MomLife Today shares more tips on freezer cooking that doesn't involve a whole weekend and $400 at once. And as is usually the case -- the comments have some of the best tips.
  4. No one likes to talk about this, but I really liked this article of 8 Things Your Kids MUST Know about Sexual Predators. Unfortunately, we have to arm our kids really early with this kind of knowledge. I especially liked point #2 about training your child that if they become lost, they should look for a mother with a stroller and ask for help. I know if a child came up to me and said they couldn't find their mom, I wouldn't rest until I returned them. I would trust other moms to do the same.
  5. I think this post about Handling an Angry Husband makes some really good points. We typically don't excuse anger from our husbands though we expect them to accept our emotional meltdowns. Not that anger is ok, but this is a new perspective on why men get angry sometimes. This is true of our sons as well.
  6. I definitely fall into the trap of trying to make sure my husband knows how difficult my job is. =\ This article about When Your Hubby Thinks You Got It Easy was convicting.
  7. Folding laundry straight out of the dryer?? I don't know if I can do that! But Susan says it works, and so does Nony. Maybe I'll give it a try...
Have you read any encouraging, enlightening, or inspiring articles or blog posts lately? Share them with us!

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