Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas -- A Month-long Celebration {Lauren's 2012 Christmas Calendar}

Is tomorrow seriously December?! It has totally sneaked up me, that's for sure. Usually by now, I would have already done 10 Christmas crafts and had my calendar for December filled up long ago. But, at least I did get it done, with one day to spare! Amber shared her calendar yesterday, and I stole a few of her great ideas.

Last year we shared 50 Christmas activities, but there's always more! :-) Some of the commenters left some great ideas as well, so here are a few more ideas:
  1. Christmas movie scavenger hunt -- buy a Christmas movie you don't own and prepare a scavenger hunt for the kids to find it. The reward being that you get to watch it, of course! {anonymous}
  2. I think the Elf on the Shelf idea is so cute! Someday I might try this...
  3. Have a mom's wrapping party -- get together with your friends and get it all over with at once! You can share supplies too so your kids might have a little harder time figuring out which presents are theirs :-) {anonymous}
  4. Trace your children's hands on the back of your tree skirt and watch how they grow every year {anonymous}
  5. Brooke had the great idea to let your kids have a small tree all their own with simply, homemade decorations. I love this idea for small children especially -- a tree they can actually touch!
  6. jacqueburk recommended a good way to store your Christmas books for next year: "After gifts are opened on Christmas, reuse the wrapping paper to wrap up your holiday books. The following year the kids can unwrap one each night for bedtime stories."
  7. Hide a specific ornament on the tree and the first child to find it gets to help pass out the presents on Christmas morning. {Thanks, Mercedes! They used a pickle! :-) }
  8. Make popcorn or fruit loop garland! This is a great task for when you're sitting on the couch watching Christmas movies... otherwise it's a little tedious :-)

  9. Instead of sending plain thank-you cards, take a picture of your child using or wearing the gift. You can then use a service like Postagram to easily mail a personalized thank-you card!
I'm sure this list will just keep growing!

Here is our calendar for December! I try to mix in enough nights at home that we hopefully won't get too overwhelmed.

download pdf

What are your favorite family traditions? Do you prefer low-key celebrations, or do you embrace the hustle and bustle of Christmas-time?


  1. We always trim the tree together once I get home from wherever I happen to be (France, Arkansas, Australia, the list goes on). It's wonderful to sit and relax with my family and put up our decorations!

    1. I agree! The kids are just now old enough to help (6 and younger), so this year was especially fun.

  2. I totally read "John Brickman anniversary celebration," and thought, "You're going to an anniversary party BRICKMAN is throwing?! I haven't thought of him in ages..."