Friday, November 9, 2012

Hints on Housekeeping {Guest Post}

My husband's aunt has been a homemaker for almost 50 years! Her home is beautiful, but very comfortable. It is always very clean, but feels very livable. She has struck a balance in her home that I envy and want to emulate! She and her husband have three grown daughters, but at some point, they were three little girls. So I've asked her to share some tips on housekeeping with small children.

Let's face it, keeping the house up is hard when raising a family. There is a fine balance between "living" in your house and having it look and smell good too. My girls are raised but the memory of trying to make our home our "castle" is still embedded in my mind.

Here are just a few things that I tried and stuck with to make my life happier and less chaotic.
  1. I had a daily cleaning routine the same time of each day. Get in a habit and stick with it. If you allow 15 minutes per room everyday it won't get ahead of you. Don't clean things that don't need it. Save the HEAVY cleaning for seasonal cleaning.
  2. I would vacuum high traffic areas daily and do the entire carpets once a week. Many times I used my hair dryer to dust..quick fix. I would wipe my counter tops when on the phone...multi-tasking.
  3. When I was heating up something for the kids dinner, I would take this opportunity to wipe down cabinet fronts or clean out refrigerator.
  4. When I was in the pick-up lane at school, I would clean out my car.
  5. Bought baskets (you could use boxes) and put each child's name on it and placed it at the foot of their beds. When they took off their clothes at night, into the basket they went. No more dirty clothes scattered around their rooms.
  6. Teaching the kids to make their own beds as young as possible was a big plus.
  7. I always wiped out the sinks after every hand washing which make cleaning them a whizz when it was time to sanitize them. Wiped down faucets too.
  8. I fluffed the couch pillows every night before bedtime so they looked ready for the next day's use. Picked up any newspapers and magazines at that time.
  9. Of course this ole stand-by, fold clothes while watching some favorite TV show.
  10. Buy one of those brooms that has the dust pan that attaches to it and sweep under dinner table after every meal. Don't let the crumbs take you over.
  11. Open windows as often as possible to let in fresh air. Put fresh flowers in a vase and place somewhere that needs to be brightened. I use fresh herb sprigs in a vase during the Winter months for a clean smell or boil cloves and cinnamon on the stove for that welcoming Harvest smell.
  12. My husband does not like perfumed aromas and I love candles, so I always buy unscented candles when I want that special glow. If my house is clean I don't miss the scent of the candles.
Here is a motto I lived by and still do. It is night after a long day. What has been done has been done and what has not been done has not been done. It will be there tomorrow. LET IT BE!!!!


  1. Some really great advice! I never thought about using a hair dryer like that (genius!).

  2. Great tips. And when you're raising a family, you definitely need to find that balance. You don't want to work yourself to death but you don't want to live in a pig sty either.

    When I was raising my kids, I had a housekeeping routine - certain things on certain days. If something else came up, it just waited until it's turn (using common sense, of course). Housekeeping never ends so you have to decide on an ending point.

    Your husband's aunt is a wise woman.