Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's a Homemade Christmas {gift ideas}

Can you believe we've already started in on the Christmas posts? That's how excited we get for Christmas around here! And of course our 50 things to do at Christmas post is by far our most popular on the site. 

This post is dedicated to some ideas I've found for homemade Christmas gifts. I really prefer to do homemade gifts over store-bought. They are generally less expensive, more thoughtful, and often re-use on-hand materials (being green and stuff). I posted a few of the things I made last year, when 80% of the gifts were made by me. By the way, if y'all run across any good ideas for gifts for 9-13 year-old boys, let me know! They are a tough group!!

For the little boys in my life, from the abundance of unwearable jeans in my sewing stash - these super-cute tool belts
The little boys I know are big fans of carrying things around with them - cars, rocks, old remotes, random pieces of paper, etc. So in addition to tools and flashlights, I think these will be just the ticket to free up those little hands for more adventures! 
Bonus: the "treasures" won't get missed in pockets on laundry day!

My youngest son is REALLY into writing. Yeah, he's 21 months... But seriously, anytime there is a writing utensil in reach, it's like this automatic thing - HE MUST SCRIBBLE! 
So my plan for him goes a step farther than your typical crayon roll to include some paper for him to practice his skills. You know, as opposed to my walls, doors, floors, furniture...
This blog doesn't have a tutorial, but like the creator, I think I can come up with something workable without a pattern.

Speaking of that littlest boy, he has also developed a profound preference for the show Yo Gabba Gabba (no judging! Sometimes you do what ya gotta do to get the big girl's homeschool done!)
So, when I saw this fun idea, I knew I had at least one artsy project to try! These would be so cheap and fun! And I can see many other character possibilities too!

Anybody else have kids who are obsessed with superheroes?? And really, I have no problem with that. I'd really rather encourage superhero emulation than some of the other junk that's out there. I mean, classic good vs evil struggle and whatnot, you know.
So, since we are quite familiar with superheroes, I am well-aware that some the the capes above don't actually exist (Superman is the only one that wears a cape with a logo, Batman's is solid black, maybe Green Lantern wears one, I'm not as familiar with him.) However, I think these are so fun and cute!
And this blogger had even created some downloadable, printable patterns for all those logos! Awesome! 

And I found this pattern for a cape, if the one linked in the blog above doesn't look like you want. 

And what about those girly girls? Is this stick horse not fabulous?! Guess what that white sparkly fuzzy material is. It's an aloe-infused "spa sock" that you can get at the dollar store! Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure I already have a couple pair lying around. :-) I'm not so sure how the feather boa would hold up in my house of little boys though, so I may actually do pink yard or even strips of fleece to make it a bit more durable. 

The main thing my daughter had requested lately is a big-girl hooded towel. Those adorable baby hooded towels only fit for a few years. I found this basic tutorial for turning a bath towel and a hand towel into a big-kid hooded towel, and it seems simple enough. But I think I'm going to jazz it up a bit. Maybe add some cat ears to a white towel set and stitch on some black eyes, whiskers, and a yellow nose and make it Hello Kitty. She'll love it!!

One more big thing for the littles (I'd be surprised if I got to this before Christmas though). I love this play tent! And this is a wonderfully detailed tutorial on how to create it from 2 flat sheets, some ribbon, and a hula hoop!

Now, I think I know an older kid or two who may or may not be receiving certain electronic devices for Christmas...(how's that for vague?) And for those special someones, I found this idea to protect said devices. Now, I'll have to adapt the pattern because they aren't getting iPod nanos.
But I love the ideas in this tutorial for the buttonhole at the bottom for the earbud plug. Also, I like the ribbon flap holder, though an elastic band-button combo is good too. And one more addition I can see myself adding is a wrist strap for easy carrying. 

Moving onto the big people on my list, I can't get specific about who's getting what, since its the big people who may actually read this post, but here are some really fabulous ideas I'm just tossing out there. 

For example, check out these easy, 3-ingredient lotion bars! These really appeal to me because I'm not really a fan of the wet, greasy feeling from traditional liquid lotions. So maybe this one is just for me...

I love the idea of personalized dishes!! I've run across quite a few ideas for jazzing up inexpensive plain dishes. The pictured blog above uses permanent vinyl and a silhouette/cricut to make the designs. But other tutorials call for special ceramic marker pens you can find at the craft store. Just color or print your design, and then follow the package directions for making it permanent and food-safe. 

How about a jar of manicure supplies? Or a jar with pampering items - fuzzy socks, chocolate, scented candle, hot cider mix, etc? (Sorry, no source for this photo!)

And finally, how wrong is it of me that when I saw this adorable little girl in this adorable Santa tutu dress, I immediately thought how cute that would look adult-sized (in private, of course)? I mean, what hubby wouldn't appreciate getting gifts delivered by "Mrs. Claus" dressed like that? Just sayin'!

Y'all, I really hope you are getting geared up for this Christmas season! I can't wait to get started on all these projects! And I better hurry, too!!


  1. HA! I love the last one!

    The blushing innocent girl in me is like "NO! Don't say that on the INTERNETS!?!"

    But I'll just swoosh my hair all, devil may care, and send this link to my beau and say "scroll down."

    1. Kim, your comment CRACKED. ME. UP!! So funny!! :-)