Friday, December 28, 2012

Announcement Video {from Susan}

Wow! Can I just say that Christmas can be exhausting?? We definitely all agree, whether we do 5 activities and 2 gifts per kid, or do an activity a day and a pile of handmade gifts for everyone...Christmas doesn't just happen!! It takes planning and effort and often some missed sleep.

I don't think I went too overboard this year with anything. I made a few gifts (I'll try to share a few tutorials here coming up), did several activities from our typical list, and spent quite a bit of time with all my family.

However, I was EXHAUSTED by the time Christmas was done (and well before, actually). But I have good reason.

Yep, if you've followed Defrump Me for very long, you already know that Lauren had a baby boy (her 2nd boy, 4th baby) in early August, Audrey had her baby boy (3rd boy) in November, and Amber is due (with her 3rd boy) on Valentine's Day. And now, my husband and I are about to add number 4 to our family! Our oldest, the only daughter, is really hoping that we break the boy trend and have a sister for her. And I think we are both hoping that as well, though I do love being a mom to boys.

We had so much fun making this video! It's an idea my husband came up with months and months ago, before pregnancy was even in the picture this time around. A lot of people assume that since my husband is such a techie that he made the whole thing, but he wants everyone to know that it was definitely a team effort. ;-) He did most of the filming, while I helped direct kiddos; I did most of the writing, while he helped make decisions on the best wording.

So, I am now nearly 12 weeks pregnant with number 4 due in mid-July 2013, and I am thankfully nearing the end of my first trimester. And, like Amber said months ago, I am feeling the frump creeping back in as my "cute" clothes are getting tighter already (how does that even work when I've only gained 1 pound??) Add to that the just overwhelming-at-times fatigue, and well, you can imagine the state of my fashion (non-existent, unless lounge pants, fuzzy slippers, and sweatshirts over tank tops is considered fashion), my home (nowhere near recovered from Christmas), even my children and husband are feeling slightly neglected. :-( But I'm hopeful my energy will be returning soon!

And, while I'm announcing things...

My daughter Riley was the first to greet me after I crossed the finish.

That's me!! Crossing the finish line after running a very challenging half marathon — 13.1 miles!! And I did it at 8.5 weeks pregnant! My husband and I did a lot of research to make sure I took good care of myself and the baby through the major effort (hydration, nutrition, pacing, etc). I am so proud of my accomplishment...but I'm glad I won't be running another long-distance race for quite a while. :-)

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