Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Evangelism Treat Bags

Today, I want to share a quick idea you can do to bring a bit more meaning into your Christmas holiday. A couple of Sundays ago, I was inspired by Lauren's husband Zack (one of our church's preachers) to reach out and try to touch someone's life during the Christmas season. So many people are hurting and lonely. They need to see the love of Jesus through us. What better time to show that love than during the Christmas season when we are already celebrating the birth of Jesus anyway?

However, as a mom of three (one of them being a newborn) my options of reaching out right now are going to be slightly different than others'. Yet, I really wanted the opportunity to share the Good News with others. And I also wanted to get my boys involved, and find a way to bring more meaning into their Christmas experience as well.

So...I decided to use my creativity. :-) Actually, this idea is not a new one. But it's the first time I've ever done it! With the help of my fellow Defrump Me sistas, I put together 24 little gifts that I'm calling Christmas Evangelism Treat Bags. Each of us contributed something special to include in the bags, and we each left the table with 6 bags for our families to pass out. As we went about our usual Christmas activities, the goal was to bless others with a treat while sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation He offers each of us!

Let me show you what we included inside these fun little bags...

Lauren made these beautiful Christmas cinnamon ornaments! They smell amazing!!
Susan printed up two little Christmas poems, one about the symbol of the candy cane and  one using M&M's to tell about the birth of Jesus.
I bought all the supplies: bags, candy, and ribbon; and also got some gospel tracts that our church created with our church info to include in the bags.
 And here are the finished bags!

These were so much fun to put together, and even more fun to hand out! So far, my family has passed out two of our six to our waiter at a restaurant and the other to the drive-thru girl at McDonald's (her eyes lit up when I handed her the bag). Amber mentioned her boys gave one to an elderly man (we all know and appreciate him!) who works at one of our local Chick-fil-A's. He's so sweet and is always handing out balloons to the kids. He loved the treat bag, especially the candy cane poem!

This is such an easy way to reach out and bless someone else! I hope you'll try out this idea, and see how God blesses your efforts. I've been praying that God will prompt me when I should hand these out to someone, and that He will prepare their hearts to receive His message and that they will be truly blessed!

Merry Christmas!

List of resources:
Recipe for cinnamon applesauce ornaments from Katy Elliott
The M&M Christmas Story printable from Our Thrifty Ideas
Legend of the Candy Cane printable from Happy Home Fairy
Sweets to Help You Celebrate Jesus from Lily Fashion 1227
Square Christmas Tags printable from Chanty 2 Chic

For more ideas, visit my Pinterest Christmas board!

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  1. This is wonderful, Audrey - so, so sweet!

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  3. Very cute! I have to try my hand at hand-carving stamps :)Briefcases For Men