Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's a Homemade Christmas {thrifty crafting}

Boy! Audrey can put us all to shame with her throw-it-together-and-make-it-look-awesome projects!! Did you see the adorable Christmas wreath she made yesterday?? I must admit, that mesh ribbon still intimidates me quite a bit...

But I am a person who loves a good, quick and easy, and preferably cheap or free craft. That's why I'm sharing some of the ones I've seen that look most promising for this make-it-do crafter! (By the way, Lauren did a similar post this time last year, and can you believe I am not duplicating a single idea?)

Let's start with crafts that stimulate the senses. And first up, the sense of smell!

I definitely remember making oranges stuck with cloves when I was in kindergarten or Girl Scouts or something. Smells being so strongly tied to memories, I still remember the amazing scent this simple combination throws off. 

I also remember making these apple cinnamon ornaments as a kid. I'm pretty sure the ones we made still make my mom's tree smell pretty awesome! Lauren's family made these the other day, and the pictures showed them having a great time creating some super cute ornaments! And such a simple recipe of only two ingredients. The McCormick website shows us how.

How about some pretty sights?

I love this simple chenille monogram! What an easy and elegant way to decorate a place setting when you entertain this season!

You can find these glittery snowflakes in many dollar stores or on sale at the local crafts stores. I got a whole stack of them because this snowflake wreath is just so darn cute!

And there's these adorable mini canvases! The Peanut Paintshop has tons of adorable options to purchase if you run out of time (or in my case, talent). Or, if you want to make your own, but lack the painting skills or supplies, you can try covering the canvases with seasonal scrapbook paper and then adding the names or sayings by hand, stencil, or sticker.

Perhaps you, like Audrey, have a bunch of tiles lying around... It'd be super-easy to switch out the tiles for the mini canvases, and basically take this mod podge idea and run in a Christmassy direction. (Which, gals, may be my project for our crafting fellowship this evening...just sayin'!)

And what can you do with the Christmas paper scraps from the canvas project? How about this 3D rolled paper Christmas tree? Widths of paper starting around 9-10" down by increments of 1/2" or so to 1" should do it. I would bet that using a 5/8" dowel to wrap the 2" wide strips of paper around and tape the seams would help make the paper tubes even. Embellish with buttons or felt or foam shapes for ornaments.

What's next? How about the sense of hearing?

Aagghh! This jingle bell wreath from Love, Pomegranate House is so simply pretty! And I'm sure my kiddos would love the festive noise it would make whenever the door was opened...
How about this fun little guy from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman? A big jingle bell, a couple pompoms, a little paint, and a shiny pipe cleaner — what could be easier?

Don't forget the sense of taste! Plus, isn't hot glue like a necessity when crafting?

I got a bag of cheap red peppermints, and a bag of cheap green spearmints to make this easy craft. Here's a hint though: don't store decorations that include candy or candles in your attic. Unless you want to have pink stains and a waxy mess all over your Christmas decor. Yeeaahh...

While you've got your glue gun out, how about embellishing plain glass ornaments with those ubiquitous glass stones? You can snag a pretty decent sized bag at the dollar store. This blog is focusing on white ornaments and clear stones, but I could definitely see this working with colored ornaments or colored stones. Pretty sure I've got both lying around.

Who has two thumbs and loves a good thumbprint ornament? THIS girl! (By the way, we are on to sense of touch...gotta keep up with that wintery health and science refresher.) :-)

Little reindeer out of thumbprints and marker lines! This would take all of 5 minutes, and you could even do a thumbprint from each family member to have a whole family of reindeer and a little finger snapshot to boot! Definitely doing this one!

The picture here doesn't use thumbprints, but we did this one last year and that's just what we did. Pink thumbprints made the cutest rosy snowman cheeks! (You can see a picture of our finished product in this post.)

Since you've already got messy hands and the paint is out, why not involve those little munchkins you've got running around? Here are some great, festive crafts where kids are practically a necessity. (Oh, and kids activate our sixth sense...right??)

I really like this sweet candy cane canvas at Leapfrog and Ladybugs. Paint the canvas, dip the little fingers in red and white paint, and add some ribbon to make it pop!

Why limit prints to just the hands when you could do this adorable footprint tree? Scatter multi-colored fingerprints all over for some ornaments if desired.

Talk about a cheap craft! These painted Christmas trees are made from paper plates cut in quarters and then decorated with materials on hand.

And finally, you'd never guess that under the festive exterior, the bases of these christmas trees are also paper plates!! Being Grown Up shows us exactly how she did it. Cheaper than foam cones even!

Hope you've gotten some inspiration from these thrifty crafts that stimulate all the senses this Christmas season!

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  1. LOVE your ideas! Thank you! I will defs be trying some of these :) xx