Wednesday, January 9, 2013 2012... {New Year's Goals}

Ummm....I feel like I have a lot to say about my goals for this year, but the words aren't flowing easily today. It's partly because I have a newborn (newborn = no sleep), and partly cause I have a cold. I hope this post will make some sense by the time I'm done, but bear with me if it doesn't!

It's funny. I looked at my goal's for last year after I had made a list of this year's goals, and my 2013 goals are almost identical to my forgotten 2012 goals! Have you ever done that?? It was kinda sad at first, because it felt like I made no progress; but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I did accomplish some things last year! But you see, I wasn't pregnant when I made those goals. However, by the end of February I was. So, the biggest accomplishments of 2012 were being pregnant (it was my hardest pregnancy yet!) and then having a baby!! And of course, those two things weren't on my goals list. :-) So, since 2012 was pretty much a year of "please-let-me-survive!", I'm reinstating the same goals in 2013 without any guilt. :-)

One huge goal for me this year is to lose another 20 pounds! I lost 20 pounds before I got pregnant, back in 2011. It was an awesome accomplishment, and I'm so happy now to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But it's time to lose some more. Last time I did the South Beach diet which I loved. However, since I'm nursing a baby, I'm gonna play it safe with Weight Watchers.

Since this goal is one of my top goals, I'm gonna be posting a lot about what I'm learning, my struggles, and tips for losing the weight. For me, losing weight is such a mental and emotional battle! In other words, I'm the only one standing in my way. That's why I'm excited about sharing my journey with you. I think y'all will really help motivate me and keep me accountable.

Let me list my top priority goals, and then I'll share a few things I've already done to get started on the right track.


  1. Lose 20 pounds by my birthday (April 28th).
  2. Get up 1-2 hours before the boys so I can get some quiet time to myself as well as get a good start on my morning routine (more about this in a future post).
  3. Look for specific ways to reach out and bless others.
  4. Be a more cheerful mommy!
  1. Read books together every day.
  2. Less TV and more activity.
  3. Continue potty training with Gideon.
  4. Continue sleep training with William.
  5. Establish a new and improved daytime routine for the boys.
  1. Try to get a date night twice a month (one has to be outside the home).
  2. Start a new hobby/activity together (more about this in a future post)!
  3. Work on communication.
  1. Garage, garage, garage! Organize the garage!!
  2. Work on the front flower beds.
  3. Declutter!
  4. Finish the laundry room makeover.

Okay. I'm gonna stop!! I've already got a ton of goals! But I think these are manageable goals. The next step is to break them down into smaller tasks with deadlines. Also, it's good to realize that I won't be working on every goal every day. That's why I need a detailed plan to make it easier to track everything.

For instance, organizing the garage is gonna be a HUGE that will take several months if not the whole year. So, I need to get a good plan in my mind for how to tackle this overwhelming project. If I just leave it at this vague level, I'll never get it done. So, my first task for organizing the garage is to research ideas on how to do just that. I've already made a pinterest board for it, and I've pinned several things to it. Researching is my favorite part! :-) Yes, I definitely need a deadline for finishing the research stage!

Losing 20 pounds is another huge goal. So, again, I need to break it down into smaller, more specific tasks. For example, this week I've set the smaller goal {that's within the larger goal) of walking 3 times a week. Getting exercise will help me lose the weight and it's so good for me! So far, I've walked 2 times this week. And it was such a blast! We had two days where temps were in the low 50's, so I took advantage of the warmer weather to explore some new walking/biking trails in our area. For me, the idea of walking is a bit boring; so to keep myself motivated, I decided to walk these trails I've never walked before. I took all three boys with me, and it was great exercise for them too (well, except for William...he got a good nap!). We saw lots of neat things on our walk, including the train, some up-close construction work with a crane, a creek (which we threw rocks in, of course!), and several tunnels and bridges. I love that walking can be fun and educational, while being healthy and FREE (very important!).

I'm so thankful my mom went with me to help! She's the one taking the picture. :-)

Exploring under a train bridge!

My two oldest boys, Daniel and Gideon. They are such a blessing, but SUCH a handful!
Well, that's a good start to sharing some of my thoughts with you about this year's goals. I hope you've made some goals! Be sure to break the larger goals into smaller, more manageable tasks. You'll be so glad you did.

And I hope that in 2014 when we look back, we will be amazed at all the things we accomplished! Lots more thoughts and ideas to come...

Blessings, friends!

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