Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! It's Time to Shop!

Happy New Year everyone!!!  Today was lovely.  Miraculously, everyone slept later than normal this morning.  We lounged in our pajamas all day, and we did nothing more than take down the remaining Christmas decorations.  As a bonus, Grandma Chula came over and babysat while daddy and I went on a date to Burger Life...mmm.

I haven't decided on any New Year's resolutions yet other than stop eating all the Christmas candy.  There are only 6 weeks until my due date, and I have a feeling this kiddo's going to be another porker.   He already pushes and protests every time I wear my maternity jeans.  Thankfully, Old Navy has a great sale going on right now, and I got three of these sweater dresses in different styles for only $7.49 each!

Yes, I plan on wearing one of these with leggings every single day of my remaining six weeks.  Hooray for comfort!

If you haven't hit the stores yet, I urge you to do so soon.   The sales are great right now (75% + off at some places), and as long as you don't buy anything too trendy (parachute pants), you'll be able to wear it again next year.

Here are a few items I found online at Old Navy.

$7.97 online (I'm pretty sure they're only $4.97 in stores.)

The online price is $19.97, but in stores these dresses are only $9.97

For better buys, a store is much more likely to have them right now than online.  So get out there and shop, and be sure to let me know what kind of deals you find!

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