Thursday, January 10, 2013

If You Give a Mom a Cold...

...she'll probably have a child or two or three sick at the same time.

If her children are sick, she will want to make sure they are eating plenty of healthy, nourishing foods to help them get better.

Knowing she and her children need to eat well will cause her to check her food supplies...
But of course, the pantry and refrigerator will probably be somewhat empty because she didn't do a lot of shopping since the before and after-Christmas sales burned everyone out on shopping.

While looking around for food they can all eat and feel good about, she will wipe approximately 3 runny noses, get 2 drinks of water, make 1 cup of hot tea (that will need to be cooled down with an ice cube before it can be drunk from a sippy cup), and get 0 rest.

As she is wiping runny noses, she will realize they are almost out of tissues, so she will need to add Kleenex to the grocery list.

While she is adding to the list, she will remember that she still has coupons to look through and clip, and, oh! she should probably go ahead and make a menu for the week while she's at it.

On her way to find the stack of coupons, she will probably witness the youngest child pooping his diaper. But being so stuffy herself, she mercifully can't smell it.

While changing the baby's diaper, she will be directing homeschool for the child who still has to do at least a little work while sick, and finding an educational and calming show for the other two sick children to watch before nap time.

Washing her hands will remind her that she needs to put on some lotion, and while she's at it, a little nail polish would help her perk up a little bit. Oh, and maybe she should pluck her eyebrows, too.

When she gets to the bathroom, she will see the dirty hand towel and remember that she needs to start some laundry.

By the time the show is over and nap time rolls around, she will probably have folded a load of clean laundry, changed clothes from one machine to the other, sorted all the dirty clothes, and started a new load of clothes. But she still won't have lotion, nail polish, or plucked eyebrows.

While putting the children down for nap, she will remember that she still has menus to make and grocery lists to finish, so she will pull out her phone to use the appropriate apps to help her get those things organized.

When she turns on her phone she will see her emails and notifications, check Facebook "really quick", and then realize that it is time to get a blog post written and published.

Thinking about how busy the family has been lately will remind her that she is dog tired.

And if a mom with sick children has accomplished this much in just a few hours and finds herself so tired that she runs all her errands later that day forgetting that she is still wearing her fuzzy house slippers...

...she probably has a cold.


  1. So true. This was me last week. All five family members (except for the baby, phew!) were sick last week and went to the doctor on the same day at the same time for different ailments. And all week that I had my stuffy nose I thanked my stars that at least I didn't have to smell poopy diapers :)

  2. This is so perfect, Susan. It was fun to read and I totally indentify! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. This made me laugh so hard at the end!