Tuesday, February 26, 2013

7 Trends I Can't Wait to Try This Spring {Go Away Maternity Clothes}

I can not express enough how tired I am of maternity clothes!  Unfortunately, I'm what they call a "normal human", and no matter what you see in magazines, "normal humans" take a little longer than one week to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.  Another fun fact about "normal humans" is that even at pre-pregnancy weight, they no longer have a pre-pregnancy body...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a time when I can try these seven trends and not look like I'm sporting a baby bump...  Hopefully, they'll still be trendy.

  1. Colored Denim- Ok, I know this is an old trend, but last season, I didn't love it.  It has grown on me though, and I am soooooo ready to trade in my full paneled maternity jeans for some fun colored ones!

   2. Pastel Pieces- This is definitely a girly-girl look, and I'm by no means a girly-girl.  However, it is a simple clean look, and that is something I love.  I especially like the idea of mixing pastels.

  3. Pointy flats-  These have come back in style this season, and I'm hoping to find an affordable (practically free) new pair.  Though I'm not even 5'3", I love wearing flats!  Pointy flats can make an outfit look a bit dressier than regular flats, and they can give the illusion of longer legs.  

  4. Layering Necklaces- I love the look of layering metal necklaces like the ones below.

  5. Laser Cut-Outs- I've always liked this look.  It seems very feminine thanks to it's lacy patterns. This season, the laser cut-out trend can be found on shirts, skirts, dresses, shoes, handbags, ...you name it!  I think it's perfect for spring!

  6. Fun Graphic Sweater- I actually really like the nerdy/preppy look, and I think these are too cute.  

  7. Silky Shirts- I love how forgiving these shirts are.  Post baby body loves them too.  If you're bigger chested, opt for smaller or no print shirts with no pockets.  Smaller chested gals can go for the double pockets and brighter colors.

Now go away maternity clothes, and take Old Man Winter with you!  I'm ready for Spring!

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  1. I'm loving all of it! I actually saw quite a few silky/chiffon button-downs last time I was at Kohl's on clearance for around $12 ea... just a head's up! :)