Friday, February 8, 2013

More! Clever (and easy!) Valentine's Day Ideas {Printables Edition}

Wow! At some point I will just have to stop collecting ideas for Valentine's Day! But I am having so much fun finding ideas for yummy food, crafts, and printables (I seriously had to order more ink for my printer so I can do the things I'm showing y'all today)!

And, I really want time to do all this stuff, so I'm doing a slightly lazy version of today's ideas by embedding the Pinterest pictures (instead of the more convoluted method...) So you have to option to go through the Pinterest picture or follow the text links, but whatever you do, please click through to the actual sites, k? K.

Without further ado...

Umm... Is this not the ultimate "I love you" from a mom of littles?? Yes, I believe it is. There are some other cute printables over at Simply Real Moms.

I think this is such a fun idea! Print the label, the saying hearts, fill a jar with the hearts and treats, paste on the cute label, and hand it over to your sweetie or a friend. There are even instructions to make this a chain event where the "attacked" person should bless someone else in the same manner. Whipperberry has the super-cute printable above.

Or, if you wanna stick with construction paper and a marker, try this idea from Skip to my Lou for your bathroom mirror for hubby, or your kid's bedroom door.

Need some printables to go with cheap little gifts for your kiddos or their classmates? Check out these ideas!!

I know I did the food post last week, but is candy really food?? Anyway, these were too cute not to share. From Shanty 2 Chic.

Not into adding to the sugar overload? How about some fun bubbles? Love Stitched has this printable (but there are other options using bubbles that are also super-cute).

Skip to my Lou has another great idea for your little Princess and her friends. Here's a cute printable crown, so all you do is add some stickers, jewels, whatever, for a fun craft they can wear!

I just had to grin when I saw this unique idea at Just Married with Coupons! You can usually find little jump ropes in the dollar bins at Target or Walmart, or even 2 for $1 at the Dollar Tree. Quick, easy, cheap, fun - my kind of idea!

Please tell me you remember these from your childhood! If not, I am convinced you were somehow deprived. ;-) Of course, I don't remember what we called them in our Christian school... Toys in the Dryer has this cute and fun printable that she's calling a fortune teller. With instructions for how to fold and everything (because I sure don't remember)! I ran across a couple more options here and here.

For the superhero-loving boys and girls in your life, I love this vintage-looking Valentine featuring some of the most popular superhero logos. My kids saw me adding this picture and every single one pointed with excitement. :-) The Rockin' Boys Club has this printable (and gals, we should all check their ideas for more fun stuff for all our boys).

I really can't decide which of these printables from SissyPrint I like the best. I like this one (above) for it's manliness and vintage look.

This one is also designed by SissyPrint, but is hosted at Skip to my Lou. It's kinda hipster, but not too girly, so it'd be fun to give to the hubster.

And then there's this one - a Valentine's Day list of dinner questions! I also like that it's black and white, makes for a good coloring sheet, so bring some colored pencils!

I have talked about my love for the Happy Home Fairy before, and she never fails to disappoint when it comes to some fun Valentine's Day printables! And these flirty love notes are SO fun for the husband! My funny and corny-joke-loving husband will certainly get a kick out of these (come on printer ink!!)! :-)

For the oft-overlooked mail carrier, Happy Home Fairy has this sweet printable just for that important person!

Is Valentine's Day complete without a quote from Mr. Darcy? I think not. I can just hear him....

And the ultimate Valentine from the Lover of our souls. All Our Days has this free printable of a Valentine-themed John 3:16.

I really hope you are having as much fun as I am with this series! For even more ideas, head on over to my Valentine's Day Pinterest board. I'm adding more stuff as I run across it!

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