Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Menu {Kid-Friendly Holidays}

Happy Love Day Eve! I know there are lots of people who don't like Valentine's Day for one reason or another, but I say why not take every opportunity to make your loved ones feel special and adored! And food is my favorite way to do that. ;-) So I wanted to share the simple, kid-friendly menu I have planned for tomorrow night. We're going to have a movie night! The kids LOVE eating dinner and watching a movie (well, they loved it the one time we did it (it's ok to laugh at our TV)). So I'm on the hunt for a good, sweet Valentine's cartoon (the Charlie Brown special looks a little old for my kids). So please share any suggestions you have!

First off will be homemade pizza with heart-shaped toppings (I have pepperoni and Canadian bacon at least)
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

On the side, we'll have some Cucumber Tomato salad with heart-shaped cucumbers. My kids love this salad!

And while we're eating pizza, we'll be munching on Valentine Chex Mix! Mmmm.....

What special plans do you have for Valentine's Day? Do you just celebrate with your spouse? Or maybe you're single and have an anti-love party?? :-) I love making any little holiday special for my family! Check out my Pinterest board for more simple ideas!

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