Thursday, March 21, 2013

{Did I Pin a Win?} Pre-Scooped Ice Cream

Last Saturday, we hosted our families to celebrate our son's 2nd birthday. Armed with a full Pinterest board of ideas for the Cars theme, I had a great time putting it all together, and I can't wait to show you the rest of the party -- once the pictures my husband took are edited. :-)

But one of the ideas that I pinned a long time ago I just couldn't wait to try was the one for pre-scooped ice cream. The idea is that you scoop the ice cream into muffin tin liners ahead of the party, stick the tray back in the freezer until serving time, and voila! you cut the cake and ice cream plating time in half!

So that is exactly what I set out to do.

I actually wanted to try out two different ways of storing the pre-scooped servings. (Also, we had 2 kinds of ice cream, in case the black spots confused you. Cookies-n-Cream...yummy!)

So here's the version like the original pin - in the muffin tin. I scooped these into the papers the day before the party, so I made sure to cover both pans before putting them back in the freezer. The fat in ice cream is notorious for soaking up any smells floating around your freezer. Which is why, in my opinion, it should be eaten as quickly as possible. :-)

And here's the other variation I wanted to try - placing the scoops in their liners in a 9x13 pan.

I really expected to like the first way (in the muffin tin) better than the open pan way. But I was surprised! The edges of the muffin pan actually made it pretty difficult to get a hold of the paper and scoops, at least by hand, while the openness of the 9x13 pan made it easy to just reach in and grab a scoop without accidentally touching the scoop itself.

Once I got the scoop out of the pan, I just dumped it on the plate next to the cake and easily peeled the paper away. No dripping scooper, no melting cartons of ice cream - easy cream.

VERDICT: This pin was a WIN! With the caveat that the 9x13 worked better than the muffin pan, in my experience. It definitely saved time and even more mess during party time having the ice cream already to go. (Also, it really impressed my husband's grandmother who has somehow been led to believe that when it comes to parties, I have it all together...HAHAHAHA!!)


  1. Such a cool idea! Glad to know it works. I'm gonna do this for Daniel's upcoming birthday party--such a time saver! Oh, and YES, you do have it all together when it comes to awesome parties. :)

  2. Okay, this is just a brilliant idea!!!

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  5. Can I leave the ice cream scoop in its liner and put it on a paper bowl, or it's better to peel it off?

    1. Good question Alice! While the ice cream is cold, the paper sticks to the ice cream, but I'm sure it would come off more easily as it melted just a bit. The paper may tear as it gets soaked though.