Monday, March 11, 2013

Frumpy Failings

Man! I've really blown it lately!! I knew I was getting sloppy and lazy about putting myself together and being intentional about looking non-frumpy, but it really hit home this weekend with an honest remark from Hubster.

In a very gentle and non-judgmental tone he managed to express so much and lead me to a point of repentance that I hope sticks for a while. His one sentence (probably less eloquent than what he actually said):

"It's kinda silly, I know today is going to be crazy and tiring, (soccer for 2 kids, prep for and hosting birthday party for the third, and volunteering to work at Rhea Lana's) but I'm actually looking forward to it because, with everyone coming over, I am excited that you will get all dressed and made up and look all cute and stuff."

Ouucchh... Yeah, that pretty much tells you what he's been coming home to most days. Hair barely in a pony tail, pajama pants, sometimes a bra/sometimes not, slouchy shirt, slippers, and greasy face with no make up. Pretty much that "I just rolled out of bed, deal with it" look.

My first excuse has been that I've been doing some serious cleaning - like garage organization and cleaning, putting stuff in the attic and whatnot. Oh, and allergies have been kicking my tail pretty good, and I've been working hard on 5 other projects...

Hmm. Yeah I'm not so sure even all those excuses really cover being a nasty mess at 5:30 when my husband gets home. He is oh so loving, and rarely makes a single comment or dirty look. But I know he is worth the effort, and I really can't excuse myself for taking time to fix up for others who couldn't really care less, but not doing the same for my sweet husband and babies.

Do you know how long it took me to slip on a comfy skirt, cute tshirt blouse, put on simple make up, and put my hair in the pig tails my husband loves? Less than 5 minutes.

Wow. That is shamefully quick and easy. I even snapped a pic and texted it to him. And he replied with all kinds of sweet praise and emoticons. Boy, I love that man!!

I know it's not just about him. I know I feel better when I look better. I know this -- in my head. But when I'm feeling sick or now that I'm awkwardly moving into maternity clothes (at 21 weeks) and my normal stuff doesn't fit great but the maternity stuff is still kinda loose... Well, it feels hard and so I give up.

No more!! I am resolved!! Spring is coming! I will go through my clothes and find what works! I will take the 3 minutes each morning to do my simple make up! I will figure out something cute-ish to do with my hair every morning! I will say no to the frump! (I will still wear my slippers until my floors get warm enough for indoor flip flops - my tiled floors hurt my feet when I go barefoot for too long these days.)

You know what else tells me that this is a God message? (You know, aside from my knowing that it's the desire of my husband that I look at least somewhat presentable, and gracefully receiving his comment over the weekend.) This week, one of our favorite blogs - To Love, Honor, and Vacuum is doing a series called "Fight the Frump". Sounds like something right up our Defrump Me alley, right? Yeeaahh...

So, I'm taking Sheila's challenge! Now, she said we should post a picture of ourselves as we looked before reading her first post of the series, before starting the challenge. But, honestly, I was still in bed, and I got dressed ASAP when I got up so I wouldn't lose my nerve. But I think I gave a pretty good description above, so that's what I'm going with.

I am probably the only one around here who's been living in Frumpville lately, but just in case I'm not...Join me will ya? I'll post on our Facebook page my morning victories, and if I get really brave, maybe even pics of myself as proof that I'm packing up my stuff and taking a permanent vacation from Frumpville. :-) I urge y'all to do the same, lets give each other encouragement and accountability, how about it? Share a picture or just comment that you got dressed or in some way kicked-it-up a notch.

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