Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Water Marble Shamrock Mani

For some reason, I have gotten into painting my nails lately. Maybe because it's such a low-commitment way to accessorize. Or maybe because it's a mindless naptime outlet for my creativity. Whatever the reason, I've been having fun playing with water marbles lately. I'm also an accent nail girl, because I certainly don't have time to do anything dramatic on all my nails, and the dramatic stuff is really where the fun is. :-) Anyway, I thought I'd share my St. Patrick's Day shamrock manicure.

This video is a great place to start. She shows you basically the process I used, though my end product is pretty different. The polishes I used were: Love & Beauty "Mint" (from Forever 21), Sinful Colors "Exotic Green," and I added some gold sparkle with Wet & Wild "The Gold & the Beautiful."

The tools:

  • A small cup of filtered water
  • Toothpicks (some people use orange sticks; I like the tossability of toothpicks)
  • Medical tape (some people just use scotch, but I like the flexibility of medical tape)
  • Polish! I find that usually higher contrast colors yield the prettiest results. Unlike my green mani. :D

  1. Always tape your nail off or else you will end up with a mess to clean up! Give your nail a base coat and a coat of white so the colors will show up.
  2. Make your bulls-eye like the video showed. You want your final circle to be the same size as the final clover size.
  3. Very lightly pull the four sides in to make the clover shape. (also in the video)
  4. Dip and go!!
I know it's a little funky, but I guess that's why I like it. :-) And ONLY St. Patrick's Day would ever get me to wear green nail polish, ha! Let me know if you try it!