Thursday, March 7, 2013

Success at the Sale! {there's still time!}

We got our shopping done! Remember a couple weeks ago I posted about the Rhea Lana's sale in Fayetteville? Well, as I mentioned, I got to shop early and found some really great stuff - pretty much everything I needed (and more, of course)! Riley came with me to help out, keep me company, and try on her shoes. We shopped for over 4 hours!! =O

I can't even post everything I got, but I took some pictures of some of my favorite stuff.

Yay!! I got the car seat and stroller we needed! I actually found the seat and 2 bases separately (for $45) from the stroller ($40). I am thrilled that I found a unisex set in perfect condition for an amazing price!

My next biggest item was this ginormous Cars collection! I splurged on this set, but looking back I feel like I got an amazing deal - 50+ items, almost all metal, for $40! That's less than $1 per item, and when I priced them at the store, they start at to $3.50-7.00 a piece!

I also got that cute Cars rug ($12) - it's really big! These finds are especially timely because of the theme of Jonah's birthday party this weekend. So these aren't only toys and a rug for Jonah's birthday presents. They are also party decor! I love double-duty items!

Speaking of the birthday boy, here he is playing with another gift he got on his birthday yesterday. :-) This was another Rhea Lana find ($15) that converts from this position to a seat with arm rests. Lightning McQueen talks when you turn the steering wheel (located in front of Jonah).

On to clothes! Silas needed everything since he's a fast-growing boy who moved from 4T to 5T between the fall sale and this one. I got outfits and clothes in brands like Old Navy, Gymboree, Children's Place, and Disney. Here are the long-sleeved shirts, pants and jeans to get us through spring and also next fall, a Gymboree swim set, and 3 pajama sets. Oh, and of course the necessary Razorback sweatshirt. :-)

And here are the summer clothes. Again mostly brand name stuff plus some play clothes. My favorite things to look for and buy when I am needing clothes is already paired sets of clothes. I rarely purchase something that only has 1 thing on the hanger. Put 2-3 shirts or a shirt and short set together, and you've probably got a sale from me.

Silas also needed shoes for summer and some boots for spring mud play. I probably buy too many shoes, but check these deals out! Hush Puppy sandals ($5), Crazy 8 slip-ons ($6), Converse All-Stars ($7.50 and they match his daddy's), and one of my best finds - Stride Rite shoes for $4!!

Here's a close-up of those Stride Rites that retail for about $40 - excellent condition, right? Of course they'll last through more than one rough-and-tumble boy!

Riley needed spring and summer shoes, too, and we found everything we needed, including those Razorback-themed Toms (yes, real Toms) for $3! Brands represented here include Children's Place, Old Navy, Gap, Hello Kitty, etc.

Not pictured are the cloth pre-fold diapers, Thirsties hemp pocket diaper ($4!), Gap baseball cap, more play sandals for all the kids (when I can get them for $1.50-3.50 a pair, I don't feel bad when they get ruined over the season), and some cute clothes for Riley - 2 dresses, 2 satin pajama sets (her picks), an adorable Razorback skirt and long sleeved tshirt; a couple more swim trunks and play shorts for Silas, and some mud boots for Jonah.

WHEW!! Told you it was successful! And, get this - I've also had success from selling! I've made well past what I spent - thankfully!

I loved the location for this sale - a huge warehouse where everything was nicely spaced out and easy to see and shop. As always, the workers during the sale have been fabulous. My husband volunteered at the private presale and he was so impressed by the organization of everything. My dad helped me drop off a few more items to sell during the sale, and he commented on how quickly and efficiently that went. I replied, "That's how it works when you let a bunch of moms run things!" ;-) And apparently, this has been the best sale yet, with record-breaking percentages of items sold during the pre-sale!

So, if you are local, there is still time to shop! In fact, most of what is left is on sale for HALF PRICE!! The hours remaining in this Fayetteville sale are Friday, March 8 9am-7pm, and Saturday, March 9 8am-2pm. So don't miss out!

But if you do miss it, or if you aren't local, remember to check the Rhea Lana's homepage for more upcoming events in locations near you!

Oh, and thanks for being patient with me playing the game my husband calls LaWig (Look At What I Got). :-) Please tell me I'm not the only one who likes to show off my shopping skills!

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