Tuesday, March 19, 2013

T-Shirt and Jeans: From at Home to Going Out

Last week, I took on the challenge of getting dressed and ready every single morning.  I know non-moms probably think this is a ridiculous challenge, but keep in mind there is always, always spit-up, boys climbing on me, long days of dishes and laundry, the prospect of not seeing a single person all day until hubby comes home, and more spit-up.

Ok.  Now that I've defended myself, I can say I was successful last week!  I'm trying to carry the challenge over to this week, but I've been a little more relaxed.  I've been getting dressed, but my outfits are usually just t-shirts and jeans.  That's ok though because a simple t-shirt and jeans can easily look nicer and more complete just by adding a few pieces.

I grabbed a few t-shirts, a skinny pair of jeans, and regular pair of boot-cut jeans from my closet to show y'all how I go from my "home" to "going out" (anywhere not home) look in just a minute or two.  ***Ignore the post-baby pooch.

Outfit #1 (At Home): I'm wearing a simple black and white striped shirt and an old pair of boot cut jeans.

Old Navy t-shirt $8 and thrifted Gap jeans
Outfit #1 (Going Out): I just added a fitted blush colored blazer, a cute turquoise necklace, and black pointy toe flats.  ***Ah, the ol' hand on the hip to appear skinnier trick.

Forever 21 blazer and necklace
a close-up shot

Outfit #2 (At Home): I am wearing a hot pink boyfriend t-shirt and the same boot-cut jeans.

JCPenney boyfriend t $5 and thrifted Gap jeans
Outfit #2 (Going Out)- I just added a black blazer, black pointy toe flats, and I doubled up my necklaces.  
H&M thrifted blazer, and Forever 21 necklaces
a close-up

Outfit #3 (At Home): I am wearing skinny jeans and a mint colored top from Forever 21.  This top is a little fancier thanks to the lace detail at the top.  It's still in the t-shirt category though.  ***Yeah, the lighting was bad.

Forever 21 top and old American Eagle skinny jeans
Outfit #3 (Going Out): I just added mint colored flip-flops and a peach and pink colored bubble necklace.
E-bay necklace $10 and Charlotte Russe flip flops $5
Same outfit but I added a green Old Navy cardigan ($17) and I changed my shoes to my nude colored thrifted Aldo wedges
a close-up without the cardigan 
Outfit #4 (At Home): I know this is long-sleeved and not a t-shirt, buuuuut, it is so so comfy.  It definitely needs to be in the same category as a t-shirt thanks to the comfort level.  I am wearing a pink long-sleeved boxy shirt with my skinny jeans.

Masons boxy top (gifted...thanks Sara!) and old American Eagle skinny jeans 

Outfit #4 (Going Out): I just added that light pink bubble necklace and nude colored wedges. Simple Simon.

Ebay bubble necklace $10 Nude colored Aldo Wedges thrifted 

Same outfit but with a TJ Maxx scarf given to me by my hubby and Charlotte Russe flip-flops $5 

 These are all comfy outfits for at home, and they easily look more put together just by adding a couple of pieces.  I'd say win/win!

What was y'all's favorite outfit?  Do you like throwing on a couple of accessories to look more put together?


  1. Love, love, love this! All your outfits are super cute, and I love that you could dress up the at-home outfit for going out. Definitely want to start looking for cute t-shirts like yours.

  2. I LOVE this post!! I just found you girls on Pinterest.
    PLEASE, PLEASE come back! I need this blog!!!
    ~Amber MacNeil

  3. hELO! Nice post! ilove the dress and the jeans! Love alot!
    Great Job...

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