Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weekly Planner Printable

In general, I'm an iPhone girl for my daily todo lists and calendars. But there is something stabilizing about planning out my schedule and goals for the week ahead on paper. I like glancing at it throughout the week, and it seems to really help me think it through to put it all out in one place.

There are a lot of great printables out there, but I always like to tweak everything, so I made my own. It includes a place for your weekly calendar with todos under each day, a section for your goals, notes, and even your menu. I like adding the weather at the top, just for fun. I simply used a screen shot of google's answer for "weather [zip code]" cropped down.

So of course, I have to share it! There is an excel file that you can customize, and if you put Monday's date for the "Week of" slot, it will automatically populate the proper days and dates in the table. (It is formatted to be a Monday-Sunday calendar, but you can easily change the colors to reflect Sunday-Saturday.)

Let me know if you have any trouble! The non-standard fonts I used are Droid Sans, Travelcons, and Aubrey.

I hope it's useful!

PDF Printable ]  -  [ Customizable Excel Spreadsheet ]
(note: the Excel spreadsheet has 3 tabs at the bottom)


  1. I'm so excited to use these! I think they will be a HUGE help. Thanks so much!!

  2. I think this is an awesome idea...I have been looking for something customizable for a while...Thank you!

  3. You have no idea how much this has helped me. I have things that are very unique for what i am trying to accomplish and i have looked and looked for something that would accommodate all that i have going on. Thanks so much for creating this, making it customizable and most of all, for it being free.

  4. Love this, but the link for the customizable planner isn't working for me... :(

  5. would LOVE this customizable template- any chance you can replace the ilnk, or email me a copy? pretty please??

  6. Hi! I too really want this template very much! Please please please send me the template :))

  7. Please send me the weekly planner customizable template, or an updated link. Thanks!

  8. I've updated the link. Hope you girls get these comments! Couldn't find your email addresses.

    1. Any way you'd email the template to me?

  9. I can only get the PDF version to work. When I try the Customizable Excel Spreadsheet it isn't working...I do still like the PDF and plan to use it, but would prefer the other!