Friday, April 5, 2013

A long and boring post... :-)

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I wanted to do a quick update on my New Year's goals, and the progress I've made. (I hope it won't be too long and boring for you!) These are the goals I shared with y'all back in January. I've definitely gained some ground in some of these areas, while others...not so much! It's good for me to look back at these and see what goals I need to pick back up and start focusing on again.


  1. Lose 20 pounds by my birthday (April 28th).
  2. Get up 1-2 hours before the boys so I can get some quiet time to myself as well as get a good start on my morning routine (more about this in a future post).
  3. Look for specific ways to reach out and bless others.
  4. Be a more cheerful mommy!
UPDATE: Well, I'm definitely doing awesome on #1! My birthday is about three weeks away, and I've lost 14 pounds so far! I have even gotten up to losing 16 pounds, but have settled back at 14. So, my new goal will be to lose 3 more pounds by my birthday. That'll put me at losing 17 pounds total, which is just 3 away from my original goal. That would be amazing! I have, however, struggled with goals 2-4. I'm not sure that I can get up 1-2 hours earlier than my boys on a daily basis. Right now, that goal is just not practical. I need that sleep! So, I may put that goal off until baby William gets a bit older. I definitely want to keep working on goals 3 and 4. I know they will get easier as my baby gets older. I'm just still in that newborn phase which is really, really hard!

  1. Read books together every day.
  2. Less TV and more activity.
  3. Continue potty training with Gideon.
  4. Continue sleep training with William.
  5. Establish a new and improved daytime routine for the boys.
UPDATE: My husband and I have been doing much better with the reading goal. We both LOVE to read, and really want to pass that on to our boys. Right now, our oldest son Daniel (just turned 6) is really enjoying the Great Illustrated Classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. This is our first time to try a book that has several chapters, but every day he looks forward to reading another chapter or two in his book. :-) I've been doing much better with goal 2, and look forward to more days outside once the weather gets warmer. Goal #3? CHECK! Gideon is officially potty-trained! Oh, that took forever and I hated it!! But it's finally over, except an accident every once in a while. Goal 4 is an on-going goal right now. However, William is just a really good sleeper (I am blessed, I know!). Right now, most nights he only wakes up 1-2 times to nurse. I can totally handle that! My other boys struggled more in this area, sometimes waking up as much as 5 times in the night to nurse! Finally, goal 5 is somewhat accomplished. I really try to have the boys in their beds for some rest time every afternoon. It doesn't always happen, but I'm much more consistent now. 

  1. Try to get a date night twice a month (one has to be outside the home).
  2. Start a new hobby/activity together (more about this in a future post)!
  3. Work on communication.
UPDATE: These are all a work in progress for sure! We haven't been getting a date twice a month, and in March we didn't go on any! :( As you probably know, this is a hard one! Babysitting for 3 kids is very expensive! We've been trying to rely on family more, but that's hard too as everyone is so busy. This is still a huge priority for me though, so somehow I need to figure it out. Goal 2 hasn't happened yet either. We are gonna start boxing together (yes, I can't believe I'd EVER do that!). We bought a bag second-hand that was never used for a great price, and my husband is going to hang it in the garage as soon as we get the garage organized and cleaned out (see goal below!). And I'm asking for boxing gloves and wraps for my birthday present. (Am I crazy? Yes, yes, I am.) I'm actually looking forward to it though! It'll be great exercise, and something fun we can do together. Goal 3 is a long-term goal! But we are working on it. My husband is not a talker, so I really have to work at drawing him out. But he knows it's important and wants to work on it too. :-)

  1. Garage, garage, garage! Organize the garage!!
  2. Work on the front flower beds.
  3. Declutter!
  4. Finish the laundry room makeover.

UPDATE: The garage! This is about to become a huge focus. Next weekend, our city has a spring clean-up day. We will be able to dump a truck-load of trash for free! This will really help get the garage project started. Once that is done, I will call the professional organizer to come help me organize the place (I got 4 hours of time as a present from one of my friend's). I look forward to sharing what I learn from her with y'all! Goals 2 and 4 have been placed on the back burner for now. No money! But I do need to at least trim bushes, etc. now that it's getting warmer outside. Goal 3 is a constant issue! Why am I always having to declutter??? I really need to get on the ball with this one and make a list for each room of what needs to be decluttered. Sigh....

Well, that's my update for now. Hope this post wasn't too long and boring! Ha! Just want to share my journey with ya, and I hope inspire you with yours.

Blessings, friends!

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