Friday, October 11, 2013

5 and 5 {Five things since I saw you last and a $5 front door makeover}

It feels good to be blogging again! I'm surprised how much I missed it. I looked back and the last time I posted was in April! Goodness--life has been busy.

So here are 5 interesting things that have happened since I saw you last (or at least posted last ;-)...

1. Practically overnight, my baby turned into a 1-year old! Well, almost. In little less than a month, my sweet William will be 1. It's so hard to believe. And let me just say, growing him to a 1-year old was a TON of work. :) Which is why I stopped blogging. And stopped a bunch of other things too. But it was worth all that work as you moms out there can testify.

2. My little sister got married. She's actually 27, but she'll always be my baby sister. She had a gorgeous wedding and I was so honored to be her matron of honor (yikes! that sounds so...matronly). Love ya, sis!

3. I defrumped a little more. Yay! So far, since we started this little blog just over 2 years ago, I've lost a total of 35 pounds...and still losing (or at least working on it). This is an amazing achievement for me, and I've learned a lot about myself in the process. Looking forward to sharing some of the things that have worked for me!

4. I FINALLY got my garage organized!!!!!!!! I will dedicate a series of posts on this one.

5. I've been reading, reading, reading. And listening to audio-books and radio programs. I even started an online course! I love learning new ideas and hashing out old ones. :) Now if only I could learn to love cooking...THAT would be very useful. I'm working on it. Every time I watch Ree Drummond cook, I come very, very close.

Ummm...back to books. Currently, I'm reading this book and meeting to discuss it with some friends (including the DefrumpMe ladies). It's been a great study on marriage and communication. If you need a little help in this area like I do, then read it. I highly recommend it!

Product Details

P.S. I should also randomly say that I drank lots and lots of coffee since I saw you last. Coffee has become my new friend. :-D

Now, on to my $5 front door makeover! $5, you say? Surely not. YESSSS. My friend Jessica gave me this idea. You know those little sample cans of paint you can buy at Lowe's for $3 or $4? They are the perfect amount of paint to get a couple of coats on your front door. Unbelievable but true!

My front door was looking oh so sad....peeling...bubbling...

I bought some primer (found it half off at Walmart, so my door makeover was more like $8) and got to work. First I had to peel off and sand down some spots, but then I got it looking fabulous with just one of those sample cans. And the new color??? PURPLE. Oh yeah. I love it!

And I had all the supplies to make this burlap fall wreath. So easy. If you'd like a wreath tutorial, go HERE.

I also did my mom's front door. Her door didn't need any primer, which was nice. Less painting! I also made her a fall wreath out of burlap. I think I love the way her front door makeover turned out even better than mine! But then again...I sure do love my purple front door! Can't decide!

Don't be scared. Don't be skeptical. Just go buy some paint and give your front door a fresh, new look for under $5! It'll be a perfect makeover for fall.

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