Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Decorations Under $20

Fall, sweet, fall.  I think subway art was invented just to show all the wonderful things that make up fall.  Speaking of subway art, go here to get ours.  It's just one more free way you can bring fall into your home... Which is exactly what I set out to do this fall.

I spent less than $20 on all of my fall decorations inside and outside.  Here's what I did...

The Wreath:  I had loads of burlap sacks my mom gave me last year, and I also had this nice stick wreath sitting in my garage.  I simply cut up the burlap in squares and glued them onto the wreath.  Part of my budget was spent on 1/2 yd of cream colored burlap and the chevron burlap ribbon.

The Mantle:  I normally have white flowers in my vases, but they don't look very fall-ish.  So I took my kiddos on a scavenger hunt for fall looking grass and sticks.  While the hunt was a lot of fun, I don't love the grass.  It's not enough contrast to my brick fireplace.  I might decide to add something later though.  I did paint a couple of little pumpkins white (I couldn't find the real white ones.)  And I added some cinnamon sticks to my little bucket.
Total cost was $1 for the cinnamon sticks (after 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby) and the little pumpkin came in a bag with others for $3.75ish.
The Piano:  The little coffee can has pine cones, hickory nuts, and trimmed branches we collected outside.  I filled my glass pitcher with burlap, raffia, and long cinnamon sticks.  I also covered some cheap pumpkin candles from Walmart with the leftover chevron ribbon.  The cinnamon sticks were the only purchase here since I already had the other items.

The Other Stuff:: We don't have regular glasses to drink from.  We actually use mason jars.  I swiped a couple and added nuts, pine cones, berries, and branches for more fall decor.
The little jar with the beans and popcorn was leftover from last fall.   The only expense was the little pumpkins that came in a bag.

The Free:  This chalkboard was already hanging by our dinning room table... easy peasy fall decor and free.  I also want to point out the crate.  My husband found a huge load of them behind a little grocery store.  After attempting to ask in Spanish if we could have them, I came home with a van load.  (We're pretty sure they said it was ok...)  Now, you'll find at least one of these crates in just about every area of my house.

And finally, The Porch:  I turned a crate sideways, shoved a burlap sack in there with some raffia, added a few pumpkins and a mum.  I had a little chalkboard I decided to hang next to it because, just like crates, a girl can never have too many chalkboards.  The mum plant got the leftover ribbon, and voila!  The pumpkin and mum were the other expenses in the $20 budget.

I'm not holding my breath waiting for Southern Living to call, but fall makes me happy, and if adding a few pine cones to my house and pumpkin creamer to my coffee can put more fall in my life, then I'm gonna do it!

Happy fall y'all!

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  1. I love all of your decorating ideas!! :-)