Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Farewell Summer!

I'm so glad to be back blogging! I know y'all are just DYING to know what we did this summer, right? Well, never fear, once I get this post out of my system, then we should be all caught up and we can move on. Just humor me, okie doke? We had one FULL summer! Here's a recap: (Prepare for picture overload!)

We started the summer off with two family reunions. The top picture is my husband's extended family. The Holts are prolific. ;-) The bottom picture was taken during some down time fishing at the cabin where my extended family met for a reunion in Kansas. 

We said goodbye to my grandfather at his memorial; on the left, my sister and I are visiting about something. On the right, my daughter Riley is listening to stories told by my Kansas grandmother - my only living grandparent - at her kitchen table. I'm so thankful that we managed to get some pictures of her with our kiddos.

Our kids did a lot of dressing up and posing (but not a lot of being still enough for good iPhone pictures).

We had a new experience of homemade snowcones after playing in mud puddles on a hot day.

We celebrated the 4th of July with our friends and family. My boys are in the navy shirts that we painted, and Amber's boys are in the white shirts. I'm so glad all those boys are good buddies! And my husband has perfected the art of photographing fireworks, they are really cool!

We did a lot of fun activities. From top to bottom: kids bowl free bowling with the cousins; visiting the county fair with our homeschool group; "hanging around" with friends (that's Amber's son on the right) at Gymnastic Joe's. Just a sampling. :-)

We fell in love with this cool park near our house and went there a gajillion times.

We took lots

and LOTS of walks in our neighborhood. Why??

Remember this announcement? My talented husband took the pictures on the left when I was 38 weeks. Top right is me and belly at 40 weeks...and growing.... And of course, you have to prepare for both when your baby's gender is a surprise!

I hung out a lot with my kiddos. More pictures by my husband at a Naturals baseball game.

We also got a few dates in during the summer. I sure love this red-headed guy! :-)

At 41 weeks pregnant, I decided to have some fun with all the advice people give to people who are "overdue" and try to do it all in one day. Nesting and drinking red raspberry leaf tea, chiropractic adjustment (love my chiropractors at Generations Health and Wellness Center), lots of walking (here with my niece Rebekah), and jumping on a trampoline (with a timid Jonah at Gymnastic Joe's).

I at a bunch of pineapple, had the cutest foot massagers, ate some eggplant parmesan, and more. I called it my "Do All the Things! Day" and it was tons of fun...but baby still didn't come...

But boy, when SHE did....

WOW was she worth it!! I can't imagine a sweeter, more beautiful baby girl! We named her Darcy Elizabeth and she came at 42 weeks, 8 pounds 9 ounces in a labor that lasted just 4 hours!

We are adjusting to life with 4 children, homeschooling 2nd grade for 1 and preschool for 2, I'm teaching my Bradley childbirth classes, and just staying generally busy. Life is full of blessings! And now we are enjoying the fall changing of leaves and moving into fall clothes and soup and chili weather. Mmmm!! 

Also, because of Darcy's (expected) food sensitivities, I'm back to a dairy, soy, egg, pork, and white potato free diet. My husband and I follow the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle as well, so I do a lot of cooking. I hope I can share some yummy recipes and about the success my husband and I are having losing weight and gaining health with the THM plan.

Which reminds me, I'm due for some new non-frumpy clothes... :-)

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