Monday, December 30, 2013

7 Life Areas to Consider in Your New Year's Plans

Have y'all been as busy as I have?? I mean, really! It feels like four children has really put me at an all time high for work output. But I know I've got some things that need examining as we approach a new year.

I want 2014 to be our best yet! Unfortunately, the past couple months have seen me in a bit of a funk. No fun for me or the rest of my family. But I am ready to jump in and work to make a change! For the past 2 years I've used a little trick to help me organize my mind and my goals for the new year. Notice I say GOALS not resolutions - here's a post on that.

What helps me is setting up categories and making just a couple goals for each. Without a limit or some kind of parameters, I can tend to go overboard with my planning, and sometimes things never actually happen. So, without further examination, here are 7 areas I have come up with to help me organize my 2014 goals:

1. Spiritual
What goals do I want to set up to have a closer walk with God at this time next year? My personality needs concrete plans (subject to adjustment), not just ambiguous ideas.

2. Physical
It is so important for us to make an effort to improve our health. Not just "lose weight" or "exercise more", though that may be a good start. In 2012, I ran - 5k and 10k races and even a half marathon. Then we announced our pregnancy with number 4. So 2013 was filled with a very healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Physical goals can include weight loss (lose 20 pounds) or exercise (do 30 minutes 4 times a week), but it should also include healthy eating - checkout last year's post on 7 Healthy Foods for inspiration. And also, be sure to drink your water!

3. Relational
This is the area where I include things like reinstating date nights and mommy/kid dates and things of that nature. Goals for how I want my interactions with people to be.

4. Homemaking
"Be more organized" "Simplify" "Eat at home more" Those are typical resolutions, right? But what are your Goals in this area - "Declutter 15 minutes every day" "Make a rotating menu" (inspiration here and here.)

5. Child-raising
For me, this area includes things like homeschool goals, attitude adjusting, chore training, as well as potty-training.

6. Personal
This is where I put my goals for reading, self-education, and moving my business forward.

7. Financial
Many people have resolutions to reduce debt or increase savings. I encourage you to set up a plan for that - "Pay off store credit cards" "Put $100 in savings every month"

Whatever your goals for 2014 look like, remember that each day has its choices - choose success. Also remember that sometimes you may fail, or fall off the wagon - deal yourself some mercy.

Want some more inspiration? Here are 7 Healthy Habits you can incorporate right away.

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