Thursday, February 13, 2014

Olympic Valentines {and a Mini Challenge}

Before we get to today's Valentine's Day Mini Challenge, I wanted to share a fun idea in case you're still wondering what kind of Valentines to send with your kids to school on Friday. Olympic Valentines! What a fun way to combine Olympic love with Valentine's Day love!

Okay, so this was a really fast and easy project. I got the gold medals (set of 8 for $1) and the chocolate hearts (I think there were anywhere from 10-15 in a pkg for $1) at my local Dollar Tree. Then the boys and I just stuck the hearts on the medals with double-sided sticky tape! Voila! 

Oh my goodness, they turned out cute! And my boys are so excited about handing them out to their classmates!!

I went ahead and decided to create little messages to attach to each medal. I've included the PDF document below! They say "You're #1 in my heart! Love, ...." :-)

Here they are attached to the medals (my printer was out of colored ink--so sad!). So adorable! My advice? Go for the gold this Friday with Olympic Valentines! :-)

DOWNLOAD: Olympic Valentine PDF (click on the PDF link if you'd like to download my free tags)

Alrighty. On to today's mini challenge! So far this week, we've encouraged you to buy some new lip gloss, choose your Valentine's Day outfit, and paint your nails! Today we want you to clean your wedding ring or any of the jewelry you wear on a daily basis. 

If you don't have any jewelry cleaner, you can easily get some at Wal-mart (or probably even Walgreens). I got my cleaner at Wal-mart for just a few bucks. It was specifically for gold jewelry. I just drop my ring down in the cleaner for 15 seconds and then use the little brush that comes with it to scrub my ring. Then I rinse it off and let it dry. That's it! 

It really sparkles after it's been cleaned. And it reminds me of what a great guy I have! :-)

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