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Valentine's Day Challenge Week 4 {Make a Plan!}

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We are in the final countdown to Valentine's Day! Only nine more days to be exact. We hope you've been enjoying each week's challenge. Our goal here at Defrump Me is to always be encouraging each other to be purposeful with the time God has given us, and so we hope that the Valentine's Day Challenges will help us all be a little more intentional with our loved ones.

There's no real time limit for working on these challenges; so just in case you've missed some, here's what we've been working on:

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On to this week's challenge! This week we want to you to make a plan! What will you do for Valentine's Day? Will you go on a date with your husband? Will you need to stay home instead? Will you do something extra special for the kiddos? Should you order take out or plan a menu? Does your house need a little attention? :-)

Now, the goal here is NOT to be a perfectionist and NOT to stress! So, that's rule #1 as you start to think about your plan. Maybe only pick 1 or 2 special things to do.

So, if you're one special thing is an at-home date night then don't stress about the entire house being sparkling clean; and creating an elaborate dinner menu (with a printed menu included on special paper); and a special, homemade gift for your husband and kiddos; and Valentine's Day decor throughout the house, and the list goes on and on.... :-) This is what I would naturally tend to do. And I'm a perfectionist. So, that's why I now know to do the exact opposite of what my natural tendencies are! :-)

Instead, if you're one special thing is an at-home date night, then over the next 9 days you could pick 1-3 (make that 1-2! :) of the following ideas to work on...

  • spend 15 minutes a day on cleaning projects that would help get your house looking better
  • plan a simple dinner menu with one extra special detail (whether it's a food cut into a heart-shape, or using some special dishes, or a printed out menu, or putting up a special tent to eat under)
  • decide to order take-out and focus on planning a special activity instead (like a special game or movie, craft with the kiddos, or making/buying a small gift for your husband)
  • visit the dollar store and get a few things to decorate your dining room or living room with (banners, heart cut-outs that could be taped on the windows, confetti to decorate the table, a new candle, etc.)
  • plan a special dessert 
Remember, as you plan, that the goal here is to CONNECT with your loved ones, NOT to get trapped into thinking you can do it all. So, sit down with some coffee and pen/paper, and start jotting down ideas first. Then pick a couple favorites and plan out how you will make it happen over the next week and a half. Each day, do a little something that gets you closer to your goal. Have fun with it! 

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