Saturday, March 1, 2014

There's Some Trim Healthiness Going On 'Round Here {My THM experience so far}

I mentioned in my summer wrap-up post that I have been following the Trim Healthy Mama plan since I got the book for Christmas last year - through most of my pregnancy and the past 7 months of nursing. My husband joined me after our daughter was born in August, and he has lost over 25 pounds, and I have lost 30 pounds, and we are both at our GOAL WEIGHT and are now in maintenance mode! My size 6 pants are feeling baggy, and I weigh less and wear smaller clothes than I did when I got married!

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If you are ready to do something different with your eating, I encourage you to try this plan. My research shows that this is a healthy, reasonable way to not just lose weight, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle with real food. And it's not some weird diet where you can only eat certain recipes. Most of what I cook is just slightly adapted from my regular recipes. But I will say that the recipes in the Trim Healthy Mama book are excellent and really worth trying.

Even as a busy mama who can't have dairy or eggs (in a plan that has a lot of dairy and egg recommendations), I still find plenty of options that are quick and suitable for my restrictions. So, here are some of our favorite dinner options.

1) Coconut Curry Chicken (S with broccoli or Crossover with brown rice)
2) Stir-fry (E with brown rice or light S with cauliflower rice)
3) Pan fried chicken with Joseph's pita crumb breading (S)
3) Turkey Chili (my recipe is a Crossover with lots of beans and no rinsing of the meat)
4) Pan fried tilapia or salmon (S - I love the lunch recipe of this in the book, and so does my husband)
5) Fajitas (light S with low carb tortilla or E with rice and beans)
6) Chicken taco/tortilla style soup (E - really just throw a bunch of stuff in the crockpot - this is usually the leftover fajita stuff plus broth and beans)
7) Chicken/turkey sausage sweet potato skillet (solid E, and my husband's favorite meal right now)

Lunch is usually an S salad for each of us. Or leftovers. But sometimes I feel like having something warm, and that's when I make some Taste of Thai (recipe from the book) coconut salmon soup (S And I usually add yellow curry powder - so yummy!)

Another thing that makes it easy for us is that I eat oatmeal with berries for breakfast every morning. This gets me some healthy carbs everyday for milk production and is a good place for me to add in my brewer's yeast and some extra flax and coconut oil for good rich milk. I make my husband a MIM - muffin in a mug - (chocolate raspberry or Italian Cream - he loves both and feels like it's cheating to eat a cupcake for breakfast every morning) from baggies of mix that I make up in advance; and he has eggs and bacon on the weekend.

And now, the rest of the Defrump Me gals have jumped on the THM bandwagon, and I can safely say that we all LOVE it! We share recipes and techniques and encourage and rejoice with each other. Such an important part of any weight loss or health plan is a great support group. So I know that we will be sharing the things that we have learned, the recipes we love, and what other changes we are making as our bodies are changing.

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